Big Brother recap: Here is the Coin of Destiny

Tiffany Noms BB23
Tiffany Mitchell took control of the Big Brother 23 house during Week 8. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 23 aired tonight and it was highlighted by the appearance of the Coin of Destiny. We would also learn who Tiffany Mitchell planned to target for eviction as the new HOH.

Claire Rehfuss was shown in the Diary Room speaking about how excited she was that Tiffany had won Head of Household. At the same time, Claire, Tiffany, Azah Awasum, and Hannah Chaddha were shown celebrating after the HOH Competition.

Kyland Young was then shown crying about Derek Xiao getting evicted and Derek Frazier tried to talk him up. Sarah Beth was acting nervous and worried that Tiffany had become the new HOH.

Tiffany then had a DR session where she explained that the plan was always to nominate Sarah Beth and that Kyland needed to go up on the block with her. It was surprising to hear that admission so early in the episode, but it foreshadowed that there was a lot to cover.

Big Brother 23 recap for Episode 23

Hannah was shown crying a bit in a flashback to after she helped get Derek X out of the game. She clearly felt bad for doing it and Tiffany talked to her about how helping The Cookout get further was more important.

Tiffany continued doing one-on-one meetings right after her HOH win in order to touch base with everyone and figure out how things would be approached if the Coin of Destiny ended up getting used. That included Tiffany convincing Derek Frazier that he needed to compete in the challenge and take that power. She also joked about putting up Big D as a pawn, but she never actually planned on doing that.

Who did Tiffany nominate for eviction?

At her Nomination Ceremony, Tiffany nominated Sarah Beth and Kyland for eviction. Xavier Prather went up on the block as the third nominee for the week. That was one of his punishments for winning the Power of Veto last week.

BB Bucks and the Coin of Destiny

It was revealed that if the Coin of Destiny got used and someone new took power, that they would do so anonymously. Tiffany would be safe if she got removed as HOH, but she would have to move out of the HOH Room. It was then time to open up those secret envelopes that contained new BB Bucks for people.

Azah got to 200 BB Bucks from everything but didn’t have the 250 BB Bucks necessary to play. Xavier got to 125 and Alyssa got to 175. Hannah got to 300 BB Bucks but declined to play. Kyland got to 200 BB Bucks. Tiffany got to 225 BB Bucks. Sarah Beth made it to 200 BB Bucks.

Derek Frazier made it up to 425 BB Bucks and said he wanted to play, despite Tiffany saying he didn’t need to. Claire was able to get to 250 BB Bucks and she also wanted to play for the power. Derek did let America know he was throwing it.

The people who received 100 BB Bucks each from America were Tiffany, Hannah, and Claire.

Claire won the Coin of Destiny and got the chance to flip a coin and take over the house from Tiffany. She chose correctly and anonymously became the new Head of Household. Claire then got to nominate two new people for eviction.

Claire made the choice to keep Sarah Beth and Kyland as her nominees for the week. It meant Sarah Beth, Kyland, and Xavier were on the block as the Week 8 Veto Competition approached.

That’s the end of the Big Brother 23, Episode 23 recap. The next new episode of the show airs on Wednesday, September 1, where viewers will find out who won the Power of Veto.

More news from the world of Big Brother

For anyone who wants to read ahead, here are the Power of Veto spoilers from the week. It sets the stage for what might be happening at the Eviction Ceremony scheduled for the September 2 episode of Big Brother.

Outside of the house, the Nolan twins from BB17 were frustrated with their “botched” lip injections.

And there was some exciting news for BB16 cast member, Caleb Reynolds. Caleb shared that his wife is now pregnant.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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