Big Brother spoilers update: Nominations, Veto winner, punishments, BB Bucks, and roulette power

Tiffany On BB 2021
Tiffany Mitchell is trying to become the Big Brother 2021 winner. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers that have been revealed on the live feeds since the last episode are quite numerous. Head of Household Sarah Beth Steagall revealed her nominations, a Veto Competition was played, BB Bucks were given to the BB23 cast, punishments were doled out, and the special roulette power was used.

After the Big Brother episode where Sarah Beth became HOH, Kyland Young went to work on her and kept her up all night convincing her what nominees should go on the block. By the time he was done — at nearly 6 a.m. house time — Kyland had completely manipulated Sarah Beth into nominating his choices.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Sarah Beth put Derek “Big D” Frazier and Claire Rehfuss on the block, mirroring the exact nominees that Kyland went with during the previous week. Derek F was a pawn, again, and Claire became someone who was considered expendable by The Cookout this time around.

It was then time for the High Roller’s Room to be opened back up and for BB Bucks to be given to the houseguests again. America’s Vote also took place after the last episode, giving fans an opportunity to award the BB23 cast members with more funds to use in the secret room.

How many BB Bucks did America’s Vote award this week?

The following numbers are based on educated guesses from the Big Brother live feeds. The houseguests lie all the time to each other about their BB Bucks, so consider these to be unofficial numbers until everything is confirmed on the August 22 episode of Big Brother.

It looks like Claire, Derek F, and Derek Xiao each got 100 BB Bucks, that Alyssa Lopez, Hannah Chaddha, and Xavier Prather got 75 BB Bucks, and that Azah Awasum, Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Tiffany Mitchell each got 50 BB Bucks this week. These numbers are in addition to the BB Bucks totals the houseguests already had.

Alyssa Lopez makes a big game move on Big Brother

Hannah and Alyssa paid to play the roulette game and it cost them 125 BB Bucks each. It was Alyssa who got to use the power and she used it to save Derek F from the block. She would later say that she did it because Sarah Beth told her to save Derek F.

The roulette wheel then decided the replacement nominee and it ended up being Xavier. That was an interesting twist to the week, especially since Alyssa and Xavier have been working together for a while now. It meant the new nominees were Claire and Xavier.

A tense Veto Competition with punishments

Alyssa, Big D, and Azah were the three people who joined Sarah Beth, Xavier, and Claire in the Week 7 Veto Competition. Derek X ended up being the host, which was certainly a kick in the teeth to a BB23 cast member who knew that he needed to win the Power of Veto this week. Instead, he didn’t even get to play for the power.

Xavier Prather won the Power of Veto, but in doing so, he also incurred several punishments that will be confirmed during the August 25 episode of Big Brother. It looks like those punishments are that Xavier lost all of his BB Bucks, that he will go into solitary confinement for 24 hours beginning on August 25, and that unless he wins the next HOH Competition, he will become the third nominee in Week 8.

Xavier will use the Power of Veto on himself at the Veto Ceremony and Sarah Beth will name a replacement nominee. That will take place at some point on Monday (August 23).

Big Brother spoilers: A new member of the BB23 jury

Unless something drastic changes, the Big Brother live feeds suggest that Derek Xiao is going to get backdoored and sent to the BB23 jury house. There was some chatter from Tiffany about her not wanting Sarah Beth to get credit for evicting Derek X, but in order to do that, she would have to turn on Claire.

As for Sarah Beth’s turn as the HOH, Janelle Pierzina says Sarah Beth ruined her game.

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