Big Brother recap: Season 23, Episode 19 sends someone to jury house

Kyland HOH BB23 Again
Kyland Young was the first person to be HOH twice on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 19 began with a recap of how each member of The Cookout has been working with a pawn. It then showed Kyland Young winning the HOH Competition and making that deal with Britini D’Angelo, where they promised each other safety.

We saw Kyland nominated Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier for eviction, but Tiffany Mitchell wanted to keep Claire around, and Derek F was just a pawn. The act was on, and someone would be taking a seat on the block following the Veto Competition.

Alyssa Lopez won the Power of Veto, and Kyland won the Veto Derby. They each possessed a Power of Veto necklace heading into the Veto Ceremony, but we didn’t get to see the Veto Ceremony during the last episode of the show.

Instead, a lot of drama was shown behind the scenes, including Kyland sending Sarah Beth Steagall to tell Britini D’Angelo that she would be going on the block. All of that footage pushed the Veto Ceremony over to the eviction episode on August 19.

Big Brother 23, Episode 19 recap

After Julie Chen Moonves welcomed viewers to the new episode, we got to see the Veto Ceremony taking place. Kyland went first, and he saved Claire from the block. He then named Britini as his replacement nominee. Alyssa then passed on her chance to use the POV, keeping Britini and Derek F on the block.

After the block was set, many conversations were shown where Derek Xiao tried to push to keep Britini in the house. It revealed how much Hannah Chaddha has been lying to him this summer. Claire was also trying to get Derek F out, which led to Tiffany Mitchell lying to her about how the house felt.

Hannah and Tiffany were doing a great job at protecting The Cookout, but they may have really harmed their relationships with their non-Cookout friends this week. They just don’t know it yet.

Later, Tiffany was shown speaking to Xavier Prather about how The Cookout needed to get Derek X or Claire out next because they were starting to sniff out the largest alliance in the house.

Xavier met with Kyland, and they concocted a plan to get Derek X to throw the next Head of Household Competition. If he threw it, he could likely end up on the block.

Big Brother 23 jury gets its first member

Eight people voted on evicting Britini D’Angelo or Derek Frazier during the August 19 episode.

Xavier was up first, and he voted to evict Britini, Hannah voted to evict Britini, Claire voted to evict Britini, Derek Xiao voted to evict Britini, Azah Awasum voted to evict Big D, Tiffany voted to evict Britini, Sarah Beth voted to evict Britini, and Alyssa voted to evict Britini.

By a vote of 7-1, Britini was evicted from the Big Brother house.

A brief interview between Julie and Britini took place, where she talked about how happy she was to have just been able to play the game. Britini took her eviction very well, and she was laughing and smiling with Julie nearly the entire time.

A new Big Brother Head of Household takes power

The HOH Competition was a balance beam course, with each person having 45 seconds to try to maneuver across the backyard. The person to do the challenge the fastest would become the new HOH.

Claire went first and took 34.97 seconds, Alyssa fell right before she hit the buzzer and got eliminated, Big D ran out of time, and Sarah Beth Seagall then did it in 21.03 seconds.

Azah ran out of time on her turn, Hannah ran out of time on her turn as well, Tiffany also ran out of time, Derek Xiao tried to go quick but couldn’t beat Sarah Beth, and Xavier was then the last person before timing out.

Sarah Beth Steagall is the new Big Brother Head of Household.

More news from the world of Big Brother

America’s Vote has opened again. BB Bucks are on the line again for the houseguests, and people can now go vote by texting the houseguest’s name to 97979.

Former Big Brother houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers just said she wants to host the BB23 jury roundtable. She has played the game three times, so she definitely knows what it would entail.

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