Big Brother recap: Houseguests get to bet on OTEV, Power of Veto results

Derek F On BB23 Block
Derek Frazier got to play in OTEV while on the block in Week 6 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Big Brother 23 aired on Wednesday night. A lot needed to be revealed to the CBS audience, including who won the OTEV Veto Competition and how the Veto Derby turned out.

In the recap at the opening of the episode, we got to see how the High Roller’s Room opened up, how Kyland Young was the new Head of Household, and how Kyland had placed Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier on the block.

The producers also made it a big point to show how Kyland and Britini D’Angelo had agreed on a deal where they would protect each other and how she would stay off the block during the week. Boy did that scream of foreshadowing.

During the last episode, five people spent BB Bucks to be able to bet on the Veto Competition. If they bet on the right person, they would win a second Power of Veto.

Big Brother recap: Spoilers from the show

The episode started with a lot of chats between members of The Cookout, each of which revolved around making sure that they protected those six people. Kyland had a Diary Room session where he spoke about needing to protect Derek Frazier, even while he was on the block.

Tiffany Mitchell met with Kyland, telling him that they needed to keep Claire around and he agreed with her. During another DR session, Kyland spoke about going after either Britini or Alyssa Lopez as his primary target for the week.

Picking players for the Veto Competition and placing bets in Veto Derby

Kyland drew Alyssa to play in the Veto Competition, Claire drew Azah Awasum, and Derek F went with Britini when he got a choice. Britini was immediately shown in a DR session being extremely excited about who would be playing for the Power of Veto.

It was then time to place bets on who would win the Veto Competition. They were told it was OTEV before making those bets. Kyland bet on Alyssa, Derek F bet on Britini, Claire bet on Kyland, and Sarah Beth bet on Azah.

Who won OTEV on Big Brother 23?

The way OTEV works is that it is done in rounds. The six houseguests are asked a question and then they have to run around the backyard to find the answer. The first five people to return to the top of the OTEV slide with the correct answer would advance to the next round. That kept getting done until the winner of the Power of Veto was the last person standing.

Derek Frazier was out first, Azah was out second, Britini was the third person out, and Claire was the fourth person out. That left Kyland battling against Alyssa for the Power of Veto. Kyland then threw the competition to let Alyssa win it, but he did it in an extremely obvious manner. Claire definitely noticed.

Alyssa won the Power of Veto. Because Kyland bet on Alyssa, he won a second Power of Veto.

Veto Ceremony postponed again

Some footage was shown where it was made to appear that Kyland was having trouble deciding what to do with the nominations. Scenarios were presented where Kyland could put up Derek Xiao and backdoor him right out of the game. Other people presented Britini as an option to send packing.

Kyland was then shown asking Sarah Beth to tell Britini that she was going to be the replacement nominee. She told Britini and that led to Britini spiraling a bit and trying to confront Kyland about it.

What would he do? Was he going to nominate Britini? We will have to wait until Episode 19 on August 19 to see it all play out.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 18 recap. For readers who want to jump ahead, here are Big Brother spoilers about the Veto Ceremony.

And for anyone who wants to read about who is getting voted out of the Big Brother house this week, here are some BB23 spoilers about the upcoming eviction vote.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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