Big Brother spoilers: Veto Ceremony creates drama in the house

Claire BB23 Nominee
Claire Rehfuss was one of the people nominated by Kyland Young in Week 6 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers are now available from the Veto Ceremony, which just took place in the house and led to a lot of drama for the show. It was made even more exciting by having two Power of Veto necklaces in play.

It was during the last episode of Big Brother that viewers saw the High Roller’s Room get opened up. The first game to be played was the Veto Derby, which led to four houseguests betting on who would win the Power of Veto. To play in the Veto Derby, members of the BB23 cast used their BB Bucks to enter.

Alyssa Lopez won the Veto Competition this week. She got the first POV power of the week, but because she won, there is now a second one in play. Kyland Young bet on Alyssa to win the Veto Competition, so he too has a Power of Veto that he can use to save someone from the block.

At the Veto Ceremony today, Alyssa was given the chance to use her Power of Veto first, meaning she could save either Claire Rehfuss or Derek Frazier from the block. If she saved someone, Kyland would then have to name a replacement nominee.

Then, Kyland would get a chance to use his Power of Veto, raising the possibility that both Claire and Derek F could be saved from the block.

Big Brother spoilers from the Week 6 Veto Ceremony

The Big Brother live feeds were down for a while on Monday afternoon (August 16), and when the switch was flipped back on, information from the Veto Ceremony started getting revealed.

Alyssa was up first and she decided to not use her Power of Veto. That meant Claire and Derek F were still on the block when Kyland had a chance to use his own Power of Veto. Kyland saved Claire from the block and put up Britini D’Angelo in her place.

At the August 19 Eviction Ceremony, the BB23 cast will send either Derek F or Britini to the jury house. Already, Britini is very upset on the feeds about being on the block again and this could lead to a lot of drama over the next few days.

More news about BB23 and the world of Big Brother

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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