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Big Brother 15 houseguest David Girton to star on Naked and Afraid of Love

David On BB15
David played as a member of the Big Brother 15 cast during the summer of 2013. Pic credit: CBS

Former Big Brother 15 houseguest David Girton will appear on a new reality dating show called Naked and Afraid of Love.

The new show will mix the reality show Naked and Afraid with a dating component, where people are forced to get to know each other while already unclothed.

The premise of having contestants dating while they are naked was also done before when VH1 ran a dating show called Dating Naked for several seasons.

“Is it possible to survive on a deserted island AND find love? We’re about to find out when Naked and Afraid of Love premieres on Discovery,” reads the tagline for this new show, which is going to include several people from the world of reality television.

David Girton trades in the Big Brother house for Naked and Afraid of Love

It was on Big Brother 15 where David Girton was a houseguest. Within the BB15 cast, he quickly formed a relationship with Aaryn Gries but got nominated during the first week by MVP Elissa Slater. David was evicted by a vote of 7-5, making his time in the Big Brother house very short.

Below is a video from right after the Eviction Ceremony that sent David home. It was a shocking moment during that season of the show. As a reminder, Andy Herren would later become the Big Brother 15 winner.

Now, David is back for an appearance on the upcoming season of Naked and Afraid of Love.

David Girton making another attempt at love

Below is the bio that the Discovery+ show has given to David ahead of the season premiere:

“David is a 33-year-old surf instructor from San Diego, CA. He describes himself as a mellow guy with a bit of a Peter Pan complex who loves his mom. David is ready to ride this experience out like a wave and see what happens.”

The entire basis of this show is to see if relationships can thrive in a setting such as this one, where eight single women and eight single men are attempting to find true love while working together to survive the elements. And it all takes place on an island paradise.

Below is a teaser for Naked and Afraid of Love

Hooked yet?

Naked and Afraid of Love cast

Below are images and names of the 16 people who are competing for love

Big Brother airing a new season on CBS

Big Brother 23 is off and running again on CBS as 16 people compete for an increased cash prize during the summer 2021 season. The prize was pushed up to $750,000 for this summer, which got former winner Rachel Reilly interested in playing again.

And speaking of former Big Brother winners, Ian Terry will represent Team USA this year.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS. Naked and Afraid of Love premieres on August 22 on Discovery+.

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