Big Brother 25 spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto on Cameron’s HOH?

Julie Chen smiling at the camera.
Julie Chen Moonves is back for Big Brother 26 in Summer 2024. Pic credit: Aimee Santos and Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers now reveal who won the Power of Veto today.

The Veto Competition was game-changing, especially for the ladies on the block.

Cameron Hardin won Head of Household for Week 6 and began work on a bold plan.

After telling nearly everyone that he was nominating Blue Kim and Jag Bains, Cameron flipped the script at his Nomination Ceremony.

It led to chaos on the Big Brother live feeds and people scrambling for safety.

Live feed viewers even saw one nominee say she wouldn’t use the Power of Veto if she won it.

And Cameron cemented a new alliance that could be integral to him surviving longer this season.

Who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother today?

Cameron Hardin (HOH), Izzy Gleicher (nominee), and Felicia Cannon (nominee) played for the veto on Saturday.

They were joined by Jared Fields, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains.

That group of six people playing for the Power of Veto set up some intriguing scenarios.

Izzy then tried to convince people not to use the veto this week.

Producers got the Veto Competition started earlier than usual on Saturday. It also meant that the veto results would hit the live feeds earlier.

The challenge was long, as the feeds were down for a long time.

Viewers learned that Jared Fields won the Power of Veto when coverage returned.

The Veto Meeting is on Monday (September). That’s where the final nominees for the week will be set.

And there are plenty of days for drama to build up in the Big Brother house before the next Eviction Ceremony.

This is also the last person to go home before the BB25 jury starts taking shape.

More news from Big Brother

In a new Big Brother exit interview, Red Utley addressed his distrust for America Lopez.

He also spoke about his possible friendship with Cameron and how he felt about Cirie Fields deceiving him.

Regarding Jared using the R-word against America, there has been a definite backlash on social media.

Even the Special Olympics put out a statement about Jared’s word choice.

Here is a link to the updated Big Brother episode schedule. Fans need to note that dates and times have shifted.

There is also a two-hour installment coming up for the BB25 cast.

And for fans who have missed earlier episodes, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Pluto TV and Paramount+ also carry the Big Brother live feeds this summer and fall.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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10 months ago

Fair is fair he needs to go. Rules are rules. But seems it’s all publicity stunts anyway.