Red Utley comes clean about why he didn’t trust America Lopez on Big Brother 25

Red BB25
Red Utley finished in 13th place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 said goodbye to Red Utley on Thursday night.

Red got eliminated on an 8-2 vote in a week where he thought he was safe.

The results caught him so off-guard that Red wasn’t even wearing a shirt when he met host Julie Chen Moonves.

Many questions surfaced about how Red played the game, especially his lack of communication with Cameron Hardin.

But another odd aspect of his game was his distrust of America Lopez.

As Red sat down for his Big Brother exit interviews, he came clean about why he didn’t trust America.

Why did Red Utley not trust America Lopez?

“Honestly, she just — for whatever reason — she set off some alarms for me,” Red told Us Weekly when he explained his distrust for America.

“I just feel like when I did try to have conversations with her, the information that she gave out was very vague. And watching her with other people, she just felt sort of a bit shifty,” Red elaborated.

Big Brother fans certainly noticed how rare it was to see Red speaking with America in the house, and he formed many opinions about her without face-to-face interactions.

It was similar to how Red blew up his relationship with Cameron after he spoke to Jared Fields. Rather than approach Cameron to find out what had happened, Red avoided having conversations.

Red certainly got duped by people putting thoughts inside his head.

During his interview, Red also admitted that he “maybe should have talked to [America] a little bit more.”

In the video below, Red also said he plans to be friends with Cameron outside the house.

Red also touches on his relationship with Cirie and how much he feels betrayed after what she said this past week.

More Big Brother news

Many Big Brother fans are frustrated that CBS has not addressed Jared using the R-word against America in the house.

The situation led Luke Valentine to mock the code of conduct used to expel him from the house.

And now the Special Olympics released a statement condemning Jared’s word choice in the game.

Rumors about a winter season of Big Brother have popped up.

It’s possible that a bonus season could take place before next summer.

Major changes to the Big Brother episode schedule have also rolled out.

The changes include a two-hour episode that some fans believe will feature a Double Eviction.

CBS had to move Big Brother away from Wednesdays due to a fresh Survivor season this fall.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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