Is a Big Brother winter season coming?

Cameron BB25 Week 5
Cameron Hardin got backdoored on Big Brother 2023. Pic credit: CBS

Work on a new season of Big Brother has already begun.

And now there are rumors about the season arriving during the upcoming winter months.

Big Brother 25 ends in November, with the latest season lasting 100 days for the houseguests.

The season was extended to provide CBS with content during the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

Recent news on the status of the strikes is not good, suggesting they could drag on for a while.

Without regular content, CBS will look for more reality and game shows to air in winter and spring.

Addressing rumors of a new Big Brother season

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, production has begun on Big Brother 26.

Details about when that season will air have not been revealed, but it is very early for the process to begin.

Meanwhile, some new rumors about a possible winter season of Big Brother have surfaced.

Twitter user Spoiler Girl now states that she is confident a new season will arrive before Summer 2024.

“I have some news. Get ready for a Winter Season, I’m hearing that it’s about a 90 % chance that you’re getting a second season before the Summer,” reads the tweet.

So Spoiler Girl isn’t even claiming that it is a rumor, she is telling Big Brother fans to be ready for a bonus season.

“I really hope they bring back returning players but the theme I’ve heard is Legends/Celebrities. #BB25,” she added to the end of the tweet.

Legends could refer to former winners, while celebrities could mean people outside Big Brother could enter the house for a shortened season.

We have to take the rumors from Spoiler Girl with a grain of salt, but it is exciting to think about bonus seasons of Big Brother.

BB26 Rumors
Rumors about a new winter season of Big Brother. Pic credit: @TheSpoilerGirl1/Twitter

More news from Big Brother

The Big Brother 25 cast created some new controversy when Jared Fields used the R-word against another houseguest.

His choice of words led to backlash from many Big Brother fans who felt it violated the same Code of Conduct used to expel Luke Valentine.

It was also interesting to learn that a former Big Brother houseguest is friends with Jared. That alum even gave Jared some advice before BB25.

Previous episodes of Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Fans can also use Paramount+ to view the first three seasons of Celebrity Big Brother.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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Lame Duck
Lame Duck
7 months ago

If Jared had prior knowledge and help from someone who was previously in the house shouldn’t that make him disqualified? Everyone should be on an equal playing field. BB should not have allowed a mother/ son duo in the house that is an unfair advantage,