Jared Fields was friends with a Big Brother alum before BB25

Jared BB25
Big Brother 2023 houseguest Jared Fields. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Before joining the Big Brother 25 cast, Jared Fields developed a friendship with a former player.

Jared chatted with Derek Frazier from BB23 and got some advice on how to play the game.

Derek finished second place in his season, using his social game to get to the end.

Though Xavier Prather beat Derek unanimously, Derek did get a nice cash prize for finishing second.

And Derek has been watching the new season closely and frequently posts about it on social media.

So will that advice pay off for Jared?

Derek Frazier talks about friendship with Jared Fields

“Jared is definitely a friend,” Derek wrote to a follower on social media.

“I can’t control how someone decides to play the game. I gave Jared the same advice that I give to all the fans that want to do big brother,” Derek added.

This came after a fan mentioned that she had asked Derek about Jared during the premiere party.

“I asked him in person about Jared and he said they aren’t close like that lol he was being dodgy,” wrote a Twitter user named Amanda Rae.

Derek did share the advice he gave Jared.

“Play the best game you can & mentally you’re going to f**k you up afterwards,” Derek advised Jared.

Understandably, a new player went to a former player for some mentoring. Former houseguests frequently get asked questions by people hoping to be on the show.

Derek Frazier tweet
Derek Frazier talks about the advice he gave Jared Fields. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Twitter

Derek also stated that he will still be friends with Jared, no matter how he plays the game this summer.

“Baby, I’m still gonna be friends with Jared, even if he gets on my nerves and does stupid sh*t,” Derek wrote.

Derek Frazier Tweet 2
Derek Frazier speaks about remaining friends with Jared Fields. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Twitter

More news from Big Brother 25

The live feeds revealed a brewing showmance between Jared and Blue Kim. They have become even closer than what has been shown during episodes.

And some drama is coming based on the latest spoilers from the Big Brother house. The stage is set for an intense veto episode on August 23 and a new eviction vote on August 24.

Producers are bringing back the Big Brother Pressure Cooker. Julie hinted that a twist will also take place, but this is something that fans should get to watch live.

There are also new rankings for the most-liked and most-disliked members of the BB25 cast.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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