Luke Valentine mocks Big Brother’s code of conduct after Jared Fields uses R-word

Luke BB25
Former player Luke Valentine started out as part of the Big Brother Summer 2023 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Luke Valentine addressed the latest Big Brother 25 controversy and how it pertained to him.

Earlier this season, Luke was expelled from BB25 for using the N-word.

The Big Brother producers showed Luke the door while citing the code of conduct.

When Jared Fields used the R-word against America Lopez, many Big Brother fans felt Jared violated the code of conduct.

But Jared has remained in the game and was allowed to continue being the Head of Household.

And nothing about the situation has been publicly addressed by the show in the days following Jared’s comments.

Luke Valentine responds to Jared Fields using the R-word

“Enforcement of the code of conduct seems rather selective, doesn’t it?” Luke reportedly wrote on Instagram.

The comment has reportedly been deleted and is no longer visible on his Instagram page.

Luke had been responding to a social media follower curious about what Luke thought of Jared’s situation.

The production team may still issue a statement, but new episodes have continued rolling out following Jared’s use of the ableist slur.

With Jared being part of the primary twist for Big Brother 25, it seems unlikely that he would face expulsion from the game.

Luke, meanwhile, is keeping busy with his Instagram and TikTok posts.

More drama in the Big Brother house

A shocking moment happened on the Big Brother live feeds when Cory Wurtenberger pushed America Lopez under the bus.

A showmance has been developing between America and Cory this summer, leading to secrets being exchanged between the duo.

But America’s comments are now out in the open due to what Cory did with the information.

America has begun figuring out that she is in the dark about Cory’s chats with Cirie Fields and other shot callers in the house. It has frustrated America, but she still doesn’t know how badly Cory has hurt her game.

Big Brother news and notes

Applications are open for Big Brother 26. It gives fans an early chance to apply for the BB26 cast.

Meanwhile, rumors about a winter Big Brother season have surfaced. It could serve as a nice bridge to the next summer season.

It could also allow producers to do a shorter installment with celebrities or legends of Big Brother.

Maybe this winter could feature an all-winners season of Big Brother.

New seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race debut soon on CBS, giving viewers more reality competition shows to watch.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Sherri Allen
Sherri Allen
9 months ago

Turn about is fair play oh unless Your black and your mommy is on the show.