Big Brother 25 spoilers: Cameron creates a new alliance as his HOH plan unfolds

Cameron Wins Power Of Veto BB25
Cameron Hardin was HOH three times before he got evicted on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

A new team-up is taking place on Big Brother 25 this week.

Cameron Hardin became the new Head of Household, and he decided to do things differently this time.

The first time Cameron was HOH, he got convinced to target Jag Bains and get him out of the house.

But then people Cameron thought he was aligned with convinced Matt Klotz to use his superpower to save Jag from eviction.

His HOH ended up being a waste, and then Cameron had to watch as Red Utley got evicted the following week.

Rather than hold the events against Jag, Cameron decided to go in a different direction.

Cameron forms a pact with Jag on Big Brother 25

Cameron met with each houseguest ahead of his Nomination Ceremony on Friday.

During many of those chats, Cameron stated he was nominating Jag Bains and Blue Kim for eviction.

It was all a ruse, as that’s not what happened at Cameron’s Nomination Ceremony.

But during those chats, Cameron had a one-on-one meeting with Jag.

As part of the conversation, Cameron extended an “olive branch” to start fresh with Jag.

The plan was to ignore anything that had happened in the past, and Cameron expressed his interest in working with Jag.

Cameron assured Jag that he was 100 percent safe for the week. Het also let Jag know it was time to relax.

It was impressed upon Jag that he would not become a replacement nominee as long as he kept the information to himself.

Jag was very appreciative of the words, and they hugged it out at the end of the conversation.

Will Cameron really work with Jag?

Cameron wants to make a big move as HOH and is working hard to cover his bases.

By offering Jag an “olive branch” here, he sets up a scenario where he could find safety next week.

It doesn’t mean Cameron is ready to go to the end with Jag, but an alliance of convenience can help them both.

Cameron may already be planning to go after Jag at a later date. For now, he doesn’t want to waste another HOH.

If Cameron and Jag figure out what is happening with Jared Fields and his mom (Cirie Fields), a true alliance could become more likely.

And with Jag off the table as a nominee, the upcoming Big Brother episodes got more exciting for viewers.

Fans need to note the changes to the Big Brother episode schedule. Nights and times will shift due to football and the Fall 2023 schedule at CBS.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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BB long term watcher
BB long term watcher
9 months ago

Finally, some game play. Someone is pulling the strings of control, and Cameron might have just gotten to understand that. He moved in on 2 of the Powers behind the Queen, and Jared will be in a fix now.