Big Brother nominee said they won’t use the Power of Veto if they win it

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Cameron Hardin won Head of Household again, and it has caused much chaos in the Big Brother house.

The looks on the faces of other houseguests after he won the challenge said it all.

Nobody got up to congratulate him, and many people looked like deer in headlights.

The reality had set in that lying to Cameron for a week and voting out his friend (Red Utley) would lead to some consequences.

And those consequences were confirmed when Cameron revealed his nominees for eviction.

When the dust began to settle, Cameron told Bowie Jane to let the rest of the house lose their minds due to lack of food and comfortable sleep.

Everyone not named Cameron became a Have Not during Week 6, so it’s a rough week for most of the house.

A nominee claims they won’t use the Power of Veto

“Listen to this. This might be crazy, I know I may be getting ahead of myself, but if I win the veto, I’m not gonna pull myself down,” Izzy Gleicher said to Cirie Fields on the Big Brother live feeds.

Izzy and Felicia Cannon became the nominees for the week as Cameron looked to make a big move in the game. He told many people that America Lopez would be the replacement nominee but also said he was going after Jag Bains and Blue Kim.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cameron flipped the script. It turned out that he was trying to figure out who he could trust and that he may have discovered some of the key people working against him.

Izzy is concerned that Cirie will become the replacement nominee this week, and she feels confident that she could survive being on the block with Felicia.

Would Izzy really not use the Power of Veto?

Later, in a chat with America, Izzy alluded to not using the Power of Veto. America told Izzy she should not use the veto, agreeing with each point Izzy brought up.

America doesn’t want to be on the block this week. If other people help make that happen, she is in full support.

Izzy is super confident that the vote could be unanimous to evict Felicia. But winning the Power of Veto and choosing to stay on the block is super risky.

The houseguests will play the Veto Competition on Saturday (September 9), and the Veto Meeting will happen on Monday (September 11).

More news from Big Brother 25

For fans who don’t already know, all members of the Big Brother 25 get paid to play the game.

It’s a comfortable summer job with bigger paychecks for houseguests who make it to the BB25 jury house.

Elsewhere, the Special Olympics weighed in on Jared Fields using the R-word against another cast member.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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22 days ago

I think Bb25 is giving jerod & mom top billing. I watch pluto for the live feeds, all they show is Jerid. 94 cameras & Jerid is the one they follow around live .
Really, i would like to see 8f he can play without his mom.

22 days ago

Why didnt Jerod get outed when he said the R word???