Below Deck Med producer Nadine Rajabi talks Hannah Ferrier shocking exit

Hannah Ferrier being fired from Below Deck Mediterranean shocked producer Nadine Rajabi .
It’s not just fans who are reeling from Hannah leaving Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit Bravo.

Below Deck Mediterranean producer Nadine Rajabi is talking about the shocking exit of Hannah Ferrier. It is a twist she never saw coming.

Nadine had no idea the chief stew had undeclared drugs on The Wellington. She learned at the same time Captain Sandy Yawn did of the CBD pen and valium.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Nadine got candid regarding Hannah’s firing and the filming of Below Deck Med.

The unforeseen twist

Nadine shared that her heart sank when she saw Malia’s text to Captain Sandy. Hannah has been part of the show since day one. Captain Lee Rosbach is the only other cast member who has been on a Below Deck franchise since its beginning.

Losing Hannah put the show in a predicament the producer had never faced before. Below Deck Med was down not only a chief stew but also one who was critical to the Bravo show’s success.

Unlike other reality TV shows where production does intervene or navigate individual storylines, Nadine shared that the nature of Below Deck is different.

“It’s the beauty and the downfall of the show,” Nadine said. “We’re at the mercy of a boat, maritime law, and nature, which is so different from anything else you ever see on Bravo. We’re seeing it as you’re seeing it all unfold.”

Since the premise is working on the yacht round the clock to please the charter guests, production and cast are entirely separate. The two departments do not speak at all during filming, making the captain’s decision final.

Understanding all sides of the story

Nadine can understand why everyone involved in the Hannah drug story reacted the way they did. She explains Hannah’s heart was not into yachting this season. The chief stew was over yachting, yet unsure of her next move.

However, Nadine does feel bad for how it all ended for the long-time cast member.


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Congrats on your little 1st stew in the oven. We’ll miss you @hannahferrier234!

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As for Captain Sandy and Malia, Nadine is also saying maritime law was broken, and it was their duty to take action.

There is a security camera on the bridge that is not part of Bravo’s production and acts like the black box on an airplane.

“It was all being recorded. It’s almost like a police body cam. Sandy could have been in really big trouble had she not reported it,” the Below Deck Mediterranean producer revealed.

Nadine did share production is still going through footage to see if Hannah was taking valium. The chief stew has admitted to taking Advil throughout filming but insist she did not take a valium.

Fan outrage is at an all-time high after Hannah Ferrier was fired for having valium and a CBD pen on the Wellington.

Below Deck Med producer Nadine Rajabi understands the backlash and hopes fans will stick with the show because there is even juicier entertainment to come.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Jeremy Kline
Jeremy Kline
2 years ago

Yeah, you can call it whatever you want, but Malia snitched because she wanted Hannah off the boat.

2 years ago

Tired of the contrived story this season. Sandy had it out for Hannah and we all can see it plain as day. Sandy has her head so far up Malia’s ass, she’d do anything for her. It’s disgusting. Not watching the s**t show anymore.

2 years ago

So what punishment for Malia going into Hannah’s purse taking these things out to take the picture. Is going into someone’s personal property, without permission, against the yachting industries policy? She should also have been fired.

Steven F
Steven F
2 years ago

How convenient for the Below Deck Med producer to now be surprised and shocked about prescription medication on board. Nadine is a Bravo producer and they make their money on shock-value shows. Please, save us the P.R. double talk. If Hanna was fired due to trust issues then why the Maritime law excuse? Nadine, save the lies for a Fox News viewers and not for fans and former fans of this show. As Malia told Hannah, “man up” and tell the truth. You were surprised by fan reactions and now you are attempting to save face and save this cluster of a mess show you produce. #Belowdeckmedfiresandy, #belowdeckmedfiremalia, #ghostbelowdeckmed

2 years ago

Malia is nothing but a snitch. She likes to tun to Capt. Sandy, she calls out her people in front of Capt. Sandy, She is the one that needs to be let go. She thinks her s**t don’t stink!