Below Deck Med Captain Sandy Yawn claims she fired Hannah Ferrier for lack of trust not drugs

Captain Sandy Yawn has reveaeled the real reason she fired Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean.
Despite quoting Maritime law on Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy insists drugs are not why Hannah Ferrier was fired. Pic credit: Bravo

It was the episode fans had been waiting for weeks to watch. Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean after finding out the chief stew had valium and a CBD pen.

The captain has been enduring a ton of backlash this season. Fan outrage is heating up after the most recent episode.

Watching Captain Sandy fire the beloved chef Kiko, bringing him to tears and witnessing Kiko say his good-bye was heartbreaking for fans.

Now, there is a new heartbreak thanks to the captain firing Hannah. The way it went down with Malia White ratting out the chief stew has fans in a rage, and Hannah’s final episode only riled viewers up more.

The real reason Captain Sandy fired Hannah

Captain Sandy is taking the brunt of the fan hate for the way she treated Hannah. The captain tried to explain her actions in an Instagram Live ahead of the episode airing.

She didn’t mention Hannah by name, but Captain Sandy kept saying “the chief stew,” obviously referring to what went down with Hannah.

It turns out the real reason the Below Deck Mediterranean captain fired Hannah was lack of trust, not the drugs.

“I did not let the stew go because of drugs. I let the stew go because I had to make a critical decision which protects the vessel, the owner of the vessel, and my license. I no longer felt I could trust that crew member,” Captain Sandy said during her Instagram Live.

A double standard

The captain said on Below Deck Med and during her Instagram Live chat that she was concerned for the safety of guests. However, the move was also to protect herself. Should something illegal happen on the boat, it is Captain Sandy who will be in trouble.

“If a crew member gets hurt and they’ve been under the influence, and we all get drug tested, guess who goes to jail? Not the crew member,” she shared on the show and her Instagram Live.

Hannah says goodbye to Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @belowdeckmedbravo/Instagram

The irony of Captain Sandy’s words is that Peter Hunziker recently shared that he took medication for anxiety during the filming of the Bravo show, yet Hannah was fired because Captain Sandy couldn’t trust her with the valium.

The turbulent working relationship between Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah Ferrier is over now that the chief stew was fired.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

It’s pathetic that you fired Hannah just because the little bosum wanted to screw her cook and sandy was so greedy and did anything she had to do to get this cook! Shame on you both sandy and little bosum!! Karma will get you both!

Jim stengel
Jim stengel
3 years ago

The zero tolerance law which Sandy refers to also applies to alcohol. A little item Sandy ignores. She should go back to Ft Lauderdale and wash boaats