Below Deck Med: Peter Hunziker rants about Malia White’s alleged cocaine use and anxiety medicine drama

Peter Hunziker has accused Malia White of doing cocaine.
Peter is making some harsh accusations against Malia and opening up about his anxiety. Pic credit: Bravo

Fired Below Deck Mediterranean star Peter Hunziker went on a rant about Malia White’s alleged drug abuse. He also spoke out about the anxiety medicine drama playing out on the Bravo show.

The Wellington crew is taking sides in the ongoing saga involving Malia reporting Hannah Ferrier to Captain Sandy Yawn for having Valium on the yacht. Robert Westergaard is Team Malia, while his onscreen romance Jessica More is Team Hannah.

Now, Pete is getting in on the drama by dishing some dirt on the bosun while showing love for the chief stew.

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Pete claims Malia uses cocaine

The last two episodes of Below Deck Med have been challenging to watch. The next episode is going to be tough, too. It appears Captain Sandy fires Hannah over the drug drama.

Pete took to Instagram Stories to call out Malia for having an alleged problem with drugs. The fired Bravo personality is also bashing the network for the way Hannah is being portrayed.

“Honestly, let’s talk about Malia’s Cocaine use off the boat? How is that any better? Hannah has a prescription, which she can handle from a licensed doctor, and Malia chooses in her drug time to spend big money on dangerous s**t sending it str8 to her bosun captain brain. Amazing,” he shared.

The Instagram account @belowdeckmedbravo captured his entire post, which also included Pete admitting he is ashamed to be associated with the Bravo show. Oh yes, he has some harsh words for Bravo and Below Deck Med.

Pete says Malia does cocaine.
Pic credit: @belowdeckmedbravo/Instagram

Calling out the anxiety medication double standard

Pete dishing behind-the-scenes details continued with another social media message calling out the anxiety medication double standard on the show. He admitted that like Hannah, Peter suffers from anxiety too.

“I battle anxiety daily for personal reasons between me and my doctor. I’m prescribed similar medicine and had it with me onboard the whole time,” he said. “I didn’t get fired. I had panic attacks. I took my medicine. I was fine.”

Fans know Pete was fired, but it was not during filming. He was fired after the season started to air for a racist post.

The deckhand ended his rant by once again calling out Malia for drugs.

“What a ray, let’s air sweetheart Malia’s DRUG history out there Miss I’m so worried about my tickets but I’ll sniff an 8 ball on the weekend. Yup, I’ve spoken, truth hurts #mentalhealth,” Pete stated.

Pete admits to having anxiety.
Pic credit: @belowdeckmedbravo/Instagram

There is so much drama going down on the current season of Below Deck Med it is hard to keep track. Fans are full of opinions, and so is the cast.

Pete Hunziker is the latest to share his thoughts, and it is not good for Malia White, who is accused of using cocaine.

Wonder what bombshell will come out next?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Denise Enger
Denise Enger
3 years ago

I’m so glad you spilled the beans. Malia is so disgusting with her double standards. She demeans the deck crew men calling them BOYS. You guys are far from being boys…