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Below Deck Med: Malia White defends selling out Hannah Ferrier to Captain Sandy Yawn amid fan backlash

Malia White is setting the record straight on Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Med.
Malia is telling her side of the story involving Hannah, prescription drugs, and Captain Sandy. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White is defending her choice to sell out Hannah Ferrier to Captain Sandy Yawn regarding drugs and the panic attack amid Below Deck Med fan backlash.

In the most recent episode, Malia helped Hannah through a panic attack and learned the chief stew has Valium on The Wellington. Next week’s preview clip shows Captain Sandy receiving a picture of the drugs and confronting a crew member, which fans believe is Hannah.

The bosun has come under fire on social media for betraying Hannah to get her fired so that Bugsy Drake would become the chief stew. Plus, it is clear that Malia’s boyfriend, Tom Checketts, will replace beloved chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran.

The seriousness of drugs on Below Deck Med

Malia used Instagram to explain the seriousness of having drugs on a yacht, especially on Below Deck Mediterranean. She posted a lengthy message to all the haters sharing the medical laws and why no crew member should have any unauthorized pills on a yacht.

“Let me clear the air- medical laws are different at sea and for good reason. NO crew member is allowed to self- administer drugs prescription or not while on a vessel at sea. We are CREW and always ‘on duty,’ and our primary goal at sea is to ensure safety of all passengers. Mental health issues are a big deal, and that’s why we have proper procedures in place,” she began her post.

The bosun explained that all crew members sign a very clearly laid out drug and alcohol policy before joining the boat. Mental health is also taken very seriously on all yachts. All medical conditions have to be reported to the captain before signing on to the yacht.

“They then under the supervision of Captain or Officer can be given medication as needed and evaluated to see if they can still stand duty. While at sea the Captain is the medical person in charge of any and all medical decisions MUST go through them. Taking any sedative while on duty is completely illegal and could cost myself, the officers, and Captain Sandy all of our licensing,” Malia explained.

She also expressed if an incident occurred and a crew member was on unauthorized medication, the captain and crew could face a steep fine. There is even a chance jail time could be involved.

Malia insisted it is her job to report any incidents like Hannah’s to Captain Sandy. Maritime Law was put in place to ensure the safety of the crew and guests.

The bosun insists she was following protocol, not enhancing a storyline for the Bravo show.

Malia is standing up for herself against the haters.
Pic credit: @MaliaWhite/Instagram

A mental health advocate

Malia did apologize for calling Hannah’s panic attack a “freak out.” She called what she said unprofessional and poor wording.

“I am a huge advocate for Mental Health, which is why I just want things done by the book,” Malia said, ending her message.

The explanation and lengthy post did little to convince fans Malia did the right thing.

Twitter continued to blast her, forcing Malia White to further defend her choice to sell out Hannah Ferrier to Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Mediterranean. Malia is not letting the haters try to shame her into thinking she did something wrong.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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  1. She did what she did out of spite and she needs to realize what goes around comes around I really hope she drowns.I had stopped watching bravo because of the fake mess that was the only show I still watched but it was ok and by both third b***hes nails and bugsey.I’ll never watch another bravo show again.

  2. does anyone believe that Kiko was fired and Malia’s boyfriend, who just happens to be a chef, visits? I smell a set up. sorry, Malia, but you were a narc. plain and simple,.

  3. Malia is unlikablle..She seems to be a schemer. On the last yacht she flirted and led on two of the men in the crew. It is embarrassing to watch her as the boss. ..She does seem to like power by putting people down..and running to the captains lol the time. She does not seem to be a hot shot worker… oT watching it anymore.

  4. Malia is a snake and is completely misrepresenting what maritime law says in order to justify her own shady behavior. What kind of person goes through their roomie’s purse?

  5. I don’t much like Hannah.. but what I have seen of this vicious and ambitious little twit Malia and what she did to Adam (and others) on this show to get ahead is pathetic! This total lack of character, utter ruthlessness and willingness to sell others out will be her downfall! Her own ambition will defeat her..she will reap what she has sown! You just wait.. she will get hers!

  6. I find it hard to believe that Captain Sandy had no knowledge of Hannah’s mental health issues after the panic attack Hannah had 2 seasons back. As far as, Malia goes, well I feel she will do anything to advance herself even at the expense of others. I mean for crying out loud you are no child and acting like you are 10 years old constantly being in the Captain’s ear over something.
    As far as the storyline goes I think the whole “Tom” coming in as chef was planned and kicking Kiko to the curb. Come on if Kiko can prepare a 6 course meal for 12 and blow it out of the water and then nothing he was set up to fail. Plus why would Tom come prepared for a quick visit and be able to stay for the remaining days? And as far as Captain Sandy goes she was my favorite and now well umm not so. She just seems as if she lost her compassion she has had for her crew. Maybe because of the comments Alesha said last season who knows?

  7. i believe Bravo set up the entire current season to have Kiko fired and Hannah painted as a druggie. I really enjoyed the spirit that Kiko brought to the show and the clients seemed to enjoy his cooking. When Chef Adam deliberately put onions in a client’s food, Captain Sandy kept him as part of the crew. The client even pointed out to Captain Sandy that he was very upset with the Chef Adam. At least Kiko did not sabotage anyone’s food. Also I think Bravo had intentions all along of hiring Malia’s boyfriend. As far as Malia, Malia’s out for Malia. I can no longer watch Captain Sandy and Malia and their underhandedness. If Bravo replaces both of them, then I will again be a fan.


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