Chef Kiko thanks two Below Deck Med cast members from for having his back

Below Deck Med's chef Kiko praises his two pals Hannah and Jessica.
There are two people from Below Deck Med who are still special to chef Kiko. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran has thanked Below Deck Mediterranean cast members for having his back during his time on The Wellington.

Being on the hit Bravo show was challenging for chef Kiko. He started out strong by killing it with a 72-plate meal. The last two charters saw the beginning of the end for the chef.

Now, as the drama of Kiko’s final days plays out onscreen, he is sharing who had his back on The Wellington.

Kiko thanks his two best friends

The fan-favorite chef revealed chief stew Hannah Ferrier and third stew Jessica More are his onscreen besties in an Instagram message. The two ladies had his back when he needed it, and now Kiko is letting fans know it.

“My best friends on Wellington, thanks, girls to hold my back when I needed,” he captioned a picture of the three of them in the galley.

While the other crew members, except for Captain Sandy Yawn, never said a bad word about Kiko, viewers can tell he bonded with Hannah and Jess. They have been the most helpful to Kiko.

Kiko praises two best friends from Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @HindrigoLorran(KiKo)

Plus, Hannah even confided some of her crew issues in Kiko. In one recent episode, she also said that being out with the crew was not the same without the chef.

Jess and Hannah praise Kiko too

The feeling of friendship is mutual too. Hannah wasted no time commenting on the post that she would always have his back. Jess remarked they would be friends forever.

As the pressure got to Kiko, he broke down in tears during a recent episode. Both Hannah and Jess used Twitter to show their undying support and love for him. It broke Jess’ heart to see Kiko crying.

For Hannah, she expressed her love for Kiko and how she wanted to see him succeed. Kiko was her bestie, and the last thing she wanted was for him to leave. The chief stew also shared she wished Kiko has gotten more support during his time on the show, instead of continuously threatened to be replaced.

Hannah praises Kiko tweet.
Pic credit: @HannahFerrier

It was a show of support for Kiko and also a dig at Captain Sandy Yawn all in one tweet.

The drama on Below Deck Mediterranean is at an all-time high. Chef Kiko is letting fans know there was a lot of good that came from his time on the show. Most notably is his friendship with Hannah Ferrier and Jessica More, who had his back, even as his days were numbered.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Franklin Paula
Franklin Paula
3 years ago

Hannah had your back alright, her telling you what to prepare for Vegas night is the reason you aren’t working on the yacht anymore. She felt bad, but not bad enough to own up to it. She always plays the panic attack when has ass is in a crack.