Hannah Ferrier says Below Deck Med Season 5 was ‘toxic environment’ admits she should have quit mid-season

Below Deck Med star Hannah Ferrier wishes eh quit show sooner.
Hannah admits Below Deck Season 5 was not good for her. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 was a toxic environment for Hannah Ferrier. The chief stew has admitted she should have quit the Bravo show during filming.

Anyone who is watching the current season of Below Deck Med knows it has been drama-filled. Hannah has been challenged from day one on The Wellington.

First, she had to deal with Lara Flumiani and her disrespectful attitude. Hannah had no support from Captain Sandy while dealing with Lara, who thankfully quit.

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Then the captain brought in Hannah’s frenemy, Christine Bugsy Drake. From the second Bugsy was brought in, it was clear, Captain Sandy was not looking out for Hannah’s best interest. She was instead working against the chief stew, so she could finally fire her.

There is no love lost between Hannah and Captain Sandy. However, their dislike for each other has reached an all-time high during Season 5. In previews for the next episode of the Bravo show, Hannah reaches a breaking point.

Hannah admits she should have quit sooner

Before the Season 5 premiere, Hannah revealed she was done with Below Deck Mediterranean. Rumors soon circulated the chief stew was fired, and Bravo used her firing as a storyline for the current season.

Now, as tensions rise on the reality TV show and her only friend, chef Kiko, is on the chopping block, Hannah admits she should have quit sooner.

“I KNOW at this stage of the season my head wasn’t in it and I should have quit as the environment was toxic at best. We are taught in yachting to NEVER leave a boat mid-season. Lesson learnt. I wouldn’t stay in an environment that was pushing me like that again,” Hannah tweeted while watching the episode.

Hannah admits she should have quite Below Deck Med sooner.
Pic credit: @HannahFerrier/Twitter

The chief stew also shared she was constantly being dragged during the season. It didn’t make Hannah’s job any easier having Captain Sandy clearly show she didn’t want Hannah on her crew.

Captain Sandy dragged Hannah during Season 5 of Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @HannahFerrier/Twitter

She also expressed her unwavering support for chef Kiko. Hannah says he was in the same situation as her having a superior not want him there.

Hannah’s boyfriend wanted her to quit

Hannah spoke to her boyfriend and baby daddy Josh frequently while filming Below Deck Med. She tweeted that her man wanted her to walk away from the show mid-season.

“We are always taught that you never leave a boat mid-season – I would never even consider leaving. My boyfriend was literally BEGGING me to leave because he could hear how distraught I was. I should have left but I didn’t,” she tweeted in response to a fan question.

Hannah shares Josh wanted her to quit the show mid-season.
Pic credit: @HannahFerrier/Twitter

Hannah Ferrier has admitted she wishes she would have quit Below Deck Med soon. She may have moved on from the drama amid her pregnancy, but fans are just now watching it play out onscreen.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

I so admire the way you have handled your situation. I would have had to cave in and leave. You showed respect for your job yet you were not shown respect in turn. The way you were treated is inexcusable. Congratulations my dear on your pregnancy. Best wishes for a great future ahead.

3 years ago

Hannah should have left as soon as cockroach was brought on. It was clear this was a set up by Sandy, whiny Malia and the roach.