Below Deck Med: Peter Hunziker issues apology for racist post weeks after Bravo fired him

Pete from Below Deck Med is finally apologizing for his racist Instagram post.
Pete has returned to social media six weeks after being fired from Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Fired Below Deck Mediterranean star Peter Hunziker has apologized for his racist post weeks after Bravo gave him the boot.

Fans have been wondering if Party Pete would ever acknowledge his firing or the racist post he shared. It took him weeks, but now he has done both.

Before he was fired, the deckhand did address the post in several tweets, but they were all deleted once he was let go from the Bravo show.

Last week Pete gave his first interview since being ousted from the show. Pete admitted the firing deeply affected him and that had learned a lot from the humbling experience. However, he didn’t issue a formal apology even during the virtual chat.

Pete issues a social media apology

On Monday, Pete shared an Instagram message acknowledging that his initial post was racist. It was the deckhand’s return to social media after Pete deactivated his accounts following his firing.

“A little over 3 months ago, someone sent me a meme on social media, and I thoughtlessly reposted it,” he began his post. “I now realize how painful the imagery and symbolism is, and, upon deeper consideration, I realize that the implicit bias that exists in the brief text written in the meme is offensive.”

The disgraced reality TV star then went on to apologize to those he may have offended.

“To all those, I have hurt and offended. Please know that I am genuinely sorry. I have always supported equal rights and equal opportunities for ALL people. Be safe, stay well, and always think before you post. With love, Pete,” he signed off his Instagram post.

Pete issues on racist post after Below Deck Med firing/
Pic credit: PeterHunziker/Instagram

Fans have mixed emotions over Peter’s apology

Pete’s apology post earned him mixed reviews from fans. The comments section was flooded with replies.

Several users told Pete that people make mistakes and to not listen to the haters. There did appear to be quite a lot of support for the deckhand, despite the nature of the post that got him fired. Other users felt his apology was a little too late since it had been weeks since he was fired from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Then there were the fans who felt his apology was nothing more than a publicity stunt. One user called his words “ingenious and lackluster.” Another called Pete’s message, “insincere and weak.”

Peter Hunziker has quickly become one of the most disliked crew members in the Below Deck franchise.

His sexist behavior onscreen gave him a bad rap even before Pete was fired for his racist post. Pete’s apology is doing little to reshape his image with die-hard fans.

What did you think of Pete’s apology?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

He was at times painful to watch. However, I think it should be noted that Malia kept referring to the boys as “my boys”. Why is it ok for her to make statements like that and not for Pete to call her “sweetie”? This whole season has been a train wreck and not with Malia or w/e her name is to have her boyfriend come in as the new chef is really cozy. They now have a sweetheart deal going on. Sandy, Bugs, Malia, and w/e his name is. The fan club for this show has been dismissed and no longer around. THANKS Captain!