Below Deck Med: Peter Hunziker speaks out after being fired by Bravo

Pete talks Bravo firing in new interview
Pete Hunziker speaks on firing from Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

The new season of Below Deck Mediterranean has just started but there’s already been too much drama to keep track of.

With several new cast members being introduced this season, things quickly got tense on deck.

Although the drama is still playing out, we hear that two cast members will be fired before the season ends.

One person who’s already been let go is newbie Peter Hunziker, known as Party Pete on the show.

Throughout the season we’ve witnessed issues between Pete and female members of his crew including bosun, Malia White.

After calling her sweetheart more than once, Captain Sandy stepped in to warn the deckhand about his behavior.

However, last month Bravo and 51 Minds – the company that produces the show – made a shocking announcement that Pete has been fired due to a misogynistic and racist post he shared on Instagram.

Pete talks about his “sweetheart” comments

Bravo TV made the announcement on their Instagram page in June and shared that they would also be editing the reality show to minimize the lead deckhand’s appearances.

Since the news, Pete has remained mum, but now he is speaking out in an exclusive interview with BravoConfessionals.

The now-fired deckhand tried to explain his “sweetheart” comments, which became an issue for Captain Sandy and Malia White this season.

Pete blamed it on his upbringing, saying, “A lot of that is kinda like, I’m from Virginia. I’m from a small country town and when you go to Cracker Barrel and the waitress brings you your food you say ‘thank you sweetheart or thank you sweety.'”

He continued, “It’s kinda like a southern thing and I didn’t see it as disrespect.”

Pete says the situation was misconstrued and that he wasn’t doing it to disrespect Malia. He added, “I didn’t really realize it was so offensive and apparently it’s offensive.”

Pete says he wasn’t being himself on the show

The hosts also asked the former Below Deck Mediterranean cast member if he came off differently on the show than he actually is, and he said, “Yeah.”

When asked in what way,  Pete explained that he wasn’t being himself.

“I kinda just fronted a lot and I was kinda just putting on my own show but I wasn’t myself you know, I wasn’t being myself.”

” I kinda thought that that was what they wanted and then I realized that they didn’t.”

As for his firing from the show, he didn’t delve too much into it, but says, “It affected my feelings and it affected my emotions… and I”m learning a lot.”

He also said, “I will make a comeback and it’s gonna be bigger and better.”

Although he didn’t give any clues on this possible comeback he added, “I’m making a very strategic approach at my re-branding.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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