Who brought drugs on Below Deck Med? Fans think it was Hannah and blast Malia for telling Captain Sandy

Did Hannah Ferrier bring drugs on Below Deck Mediterranean?
Fans are furious at Malia White for throwing Hannah Ferrier under the bus. Pic credit: Bravo

Who brought drugs on Below Deck Mediterranean? That is the question on fans’ minds after the preview clip for next week.

Fans think it is Hannah Ferrier and are blasting Malia White for telling Captain Sandy Yawn.

Viewers watched as Malia comforted Hannah during a panic attack last night and even got Hannah her medication. Then the bosun turned around at told Captain Sandy about what she called Hannah’s “freak out.”

The preview clip for the next episode of Below Deck Med features Captain Sandy staring at text, letting her know drugs are on board. She then confronts a crew member, which fans are sure is Hannah.

Why do fans think it is Hannah?

There is a good reason fans are convinced Hannah is the one who brought the drugs onto The Wellington.

She has been seen popping pills a couple of times throughout the season. The chief stew did recently clarify the pills she has taken on the show were Advil.

However, Hannah does have a history of panic attacks and anxiety. Along with Advil, she could have prescription drugs for when she experiences those issues.

After all, during her recent panic attack, she asked Malia to get her medication. Plus it is not uncommon for people who suffer from anxiety to take medicine. It is also possible Hannah has Valium or something similar, and the medication was not prescribed but that is not confirmed.

Viewers are going to have to wait until next week to see how the drug drama plays out.

Malia under fire

Fans are so not happy with Malia right now. First, fans are convinced Malia’s boyfriend Tom will replace Kiko and that she conspired to get Kiko fired.

Even though fans are angry about Kiko, Twitter has exploded with users blasting Malia for selling out Hannah to Captain Sandy.

One user wrote, “Well, we all knew Malia was trash before, so this isn’t surprising, but I didn’t think she can get any lower. Gross human. #BelowDeckMed @hannahferrier_we support you.”

Fans angry with Malia Tweet
Pic credit: @caiitttt_/Twitter

Another Twitter user wrote, “@hannahferrier Malia is saying she spent hours consoling you after your panic attack, I’m just curious if that’s true. I don’t believe her or her saying she’s a “huge” mental health advocate.”

Fan support Hannah on Twitter.
Pic credit: @neilpryan/Twitter

Last but not least social media is in agreement that Malia is a rat with her nose up Captain Sandy’s behind and vice versa. The captain appears to give Malia whatever she wants, including her boyfriend as the new chef and her best friend Bugsy Drake as chief stew.

Fans blast Malia and Captain Sandy
Pic credit: @@RealitySusu/Twitter

The current season of Below Deck Mediterranean is one of the craziest in the entire franchise. Next week it looks like Hannah Ferrier gets busted, maybe even fired, for having prescription drugs on board.

Fans are hating on Malia White for throwing the chief stew under the bus, and the negativity toward the bosun is getting worse by the week.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

What a b***h!! Karma is going to get Malia!

2 years ago

She is full of s**t! She needs to practice what she preaches talking about keeping professional separate from personal. Her little cry fess about bunks is a perfect example. Hope she is as clean and perfect as she pertrays. Bet chef Adam could answer that. Was sin her corner til.she ran to captain about EVERYTHING. OMG what a little byatch.