Below Deck Med: Fans accuse Bravo of trying to make Hannah look bad by showing her taking pills

Fans question why Hannah is taking pills
Below Deck Med’s Hannah Ferrier.  credit: Bravo

Is Bravo trying to create a storyline that Hanna Ferrier is a pill popper?

That’s what some fans are speculating as production keeps showing the chief stew taking pills before going to bed at night.

Of course, this is reality TV and things are not often what they seem, so despite the unfortunate edit, viewers are not buying that Hannah has a pill problem.

Things on The Wellington are already rocky with overbearing guests and a captain who loves to micro-manage her staff.

Plus, there’s been a lot of fighting and tension among the crew.

Now viewers are talking about something else that they’ve noticed on the show, but Hannah Ferrier is clearing up the misconception.

Below Deck Med fans comment on Hannah taking pills

Nothing gets past TV viewers so they quickly pointed out that Below Deck Med has shown Hannah taking meds more than once.

It seems to be a recurring theme in each episode and some fans are speculating that the network is trying to drag Hannah into a new storyline.

Last season, we witnessed the chief stew having a panic attack and confessing to Captain Sandy that she suffers from anxiety. So fans assumed that Hannah was taking medication for this issue.

Then, during one scene, the soon-to-be-mama made a joke about Valium that may have further exacerbated the theory.

It happened during a conversation with third stew Jessica More.

Hanna complimented the brunette beauty on her robe and Jessica said that wearing it made her feel like she wasn’t working on a boat.

Hanna’s joking response may have turned a few eyebrows when she said, “So does Valium.”

Hannah clears up the pill-popping theory

One Twitter fan commented about the chief stew saying, “Hannah can’t possibly be the only person who takes medicine on this boat, right?”

The tweet elicited a response from the 33-year-old who made sure to clear things up by letting us know that she was actually taking Advil.

Hannah responds to pill theory
Pic credit:@MinnesotaMegs/Twitter

Many followers also responded to the fan comment with their theory about why, out of all the cast members, Bravo only shows Hannah taking pills.

One user says she thinks the network is doing it to push a storyline.

Fans blame Bravo for showing Hannah with pills
Pic credit:@Poetic_KT/Twitter

Another Twitter use commented, “They are doing their best to make her look bad.”

Fan says they are making Hannah look bad
Pic credit:@DoesCupcakes/Twitter

Below Deck: Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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