Below Deck Med: Malia White shares Instagram post defending actions in Hannah Ferrier drug scandal

Below Deck Med star Malia White continues to defend turning Hannah Ferrier for drugs.
Malia White is taking on the haters with facts. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White has shared an Instagram post defending her actions in the drug scandal involving Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean.

A week after she deleted her drug rant and cited Maritime law, the bosun is speaking out with facts about the law and unauthorized drugs. Malia is over the fan backlash but is still standing by her actions.

This week has shown a divide in fan loyalty. It is Hannah versus Malia and Captain Sandy. The latter is also enduring the fan hate as she continues to side with Malia on the Bravo show and appears to fire Hannah in the next episode.

Sharing the contract

Malia’s IG post featured a portion of the contract that all crew members must sign before joining a yacht. She began her message by saying fans can hate her, but facts are facts.

The bosun then stated her case for turning Hannah into Captain Sandy for having valium on The Wellington.

“I never said you CANT have medications – you just have to follow proper procedures that are in place to protect ALL crew members,” she wrote. “The Captain of the vessel has the right to know who might be taking what & when! They are operating a vessel at sea with everyone’s lives in their hands.”

Malia explained that four Below Deck Med cast members have come forward with their struggles and need for medication. Hannah, Jessica More, Bugsy Drake, and Peter Hunziker all spoke about their mental health issues and the need for medication.

“It is ESSENTIAL that as crew we are responsible in how we go about medicating. It’s a pretty straightforward policy set in place to protect us NOT to exclude anyone,” Malia said. “As for illegal drugs- it doesn’t matter if they might be legal in whatever country we are in… we operate under the Flag State the boat is registered to which is zero tolerance.

She thanked her crew members for speaking out regarding their struggles. Malia wants them to know they are not alone. The Bravo personality also hopes her post helps crew members understand their contracts better.

It is her job

Malia reiterated it was her job to report Hannah.

“I apologize if I didn’t go about reporting or handling the situation to the best of my ability, but it was also a HUGE learning curve for me. Please understand this is my career, and I take the rules very seriously,” she stated.

Malia says it was her job to turn in Hannah on Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @MaliaWhite/Instagram

The bosun reminded all crew members to address issues with their contract before signing it. The laws are in place to protect the crew, not hurt them.

Finally, like Captain Sandy, Malia is reminding fans there is more to the story than what plays out on the Bravo show.

“Also consider the sequence of events you witness on tv is the condensed version, so the timeline might seem a bit dramatic! I’m not out to get anyone. I’m here to do my job,” she expressed.

Malia White used facts to defend her choice to report Hannah Ferrier for taking valium on Below Deck Med. She has disabled the ability to comment on her Instagram posts.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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