Malia White erases drug rant Instagram post ahead of Hannah Ferrier valium fallout on Below Deck Med

Malia White delted drug Instagram post and disabled comments amid Below Deck Med drama.
Below Deck Mediterranean fans are not happy with Malia White. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White has deleted her drug rant Instagram post ahead of the fallout from Hannah Ferrier having valium playing out on Below Deck Mediterranean.

The bosun endured a slew of fan backlash after a preview clip for the next episode of Below Deck Med showed Captain Sandy Yawn receiving a text claiming someone had valium on the yacht. Malia is the only one who knew Hannah had the medication, so it wasn’t hard for viewers to figure out what is coming next.

Malia’s actions further added fuel to the fire that she is working with Bugsy Drake and Captain Sandy to get rid of Hannah. Fans believe the captain and bosun want Bugsy to be chief stew.

There is speculation of a master plan to get Hannah fired or force her to leave and have Kiko exit the show so Malia’s boyfriend Tom could be the chef as well.

Defending her actions

Malia took to Instagram to share a lengthy post explaining her actions. She described yacht protocol for having drugs on board, including its dangers to crew and guests.

The bosun explained Maritime Law requires all yachties to disclose any medications to the captain before joining the crew. Malia insisted she was simply following protocol by sharing the photo of Hannah’s valium with Captain Sandy.

Why did Malia erase her message?

It didn’t take long for Malia’s post to make the rounds on social media. The comments section quickly became flooded with fans hating on the bosun. Malia chose to disable comments a few hours after she shared her message.

Days later, the entire drug message has been erased from Malia’s feed. While the post is still there, Malia only has several hashtags in the caption. The comments are still disabled on the particular post too.

Malia has not said a word about the drug message being gone. Her Instagram feed is now filled with photos of her enjoying some downtime in Croatia.

There could be a couple of reasons why Malia chose to erase the post defending her actions. One could be all of the fan backlash. Perhaps she realized it was doing more harm than good.

However, if that were the case, Malia would have deleted the entire post instead of just her words.

Malia White new Instagram post.
Pic credit: @MaliaWhiteInstagram

The most logical reason is that Malia shared a spoiler for the next episode of Below Deck Mediterranean in her message.

Malia’s post spilled that she told Captain Sandy about Hannah having valium. Even though fans pretty much figured it out on their own after Malia helped Hannah during her panic attack. Bravo couldn’t have been too happy the bosun confirmed fans suspicions a week before the episode played out.

Perhaps after the next episode, Malia’s message will reappear, and she will once again stand by her words. Only time will tell.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Cheryle M Dolak
Cheryle M Dolak
3 years ago

mean girl !!

Denise Enger
Denise Enger
3 years ago

I’m not sure I have ever seen a meaner girl. Malia has always been jealous of Hannah’s beauty and class. She reminds me of a bulldog that chews up everyone’s shoes because she’s not big enough to bite anyone. I’m also surprised at how easily she manipulated Captain Sandy. Captain Lee would have never fallen for her act.

Joe Blow
Joe Blow
3 years ago