Bugsy slams fans over claims she, Captain Sandy, and Malia had a ‘plan all along’ on Below Deck Med

Bugsy Drake is lashing out at Below Deck Med fans.
Bugsy is tired of fans blaming her, Malia, and Captain Sandy for Below Deck Med crew changes. Pic credit: Bravo

Bugsy Drake has slammed fans over claims that she, Captain Sandy Yawn, and Malia White had a “plan all along” on Below Deck Med regarding two crew members.

The current season of the hit Bravo show has been one for the books. The crew has already gone through two personnel changes. Based on spoilers, a third one is coming soon.

Fans have strong opinions about the show, especially when it comes to Bugsy, Malia, and Captain Sandy Yawn. The firing of chef Kiko and drug drama involving chief stew Hannah Ferrier have pushed viewers to their breaking point.

Twitter explodes with Bugsy Malia and Captain Sandy conspiracy theory

Social media exploded with fans blasting Captain Sandy, Malia, and Bugsy after the recent episode. It is pretty clear what’s coming, based on the preview clip and Malia’s latest Instagram post. Malia’s boyfriend Tom will replace Kiko, and Hannah will get fired for having valium.

Fans are convinced the three women conspired to make those two crew changes happen from the moment the show began. It was too convenient that Bugsy, who had been working as a chief stew, returned for a second stew position to work with a woman she dislikes.

Plus, Tom just so happens to be visiting Malia and unemployed at the exact same time Captain Sandy fires Kiko. The captain claims she had no idea Tom was coming to The Wellington but that didn’t fool fans.

“The 2nd stew was fired almost immediately, leading you to be rehired. Malia, your close friend, takes a pic of Hannah’s panic attack meds and shows Sandy which I’m sure leads to H being fired or forced to quit. Kiko is let go and Malias bf is soon to be the chef. Straight forward,” wrote one Twitter user.

Fan bashes Captain Sandy Bugsy and Malia.
Pic credit: @SIngelfinger/Twitter

There are several more tweets with fans expressing the thought that it was all a conspiracy.

Bugsy is over the ‘plan all along’ accusations

The claims have become too much for Bugsy. She is over the hate and false accusations.

“I’m getting so bored of this bugs, malia and sandy ‘plan all along’ conspiracy …please people, we are all professional in our fields and are in our positions for that exact reason- no time or extra energy to conjure up a ‘little’ plan of sabotage. Your watching #BDM, not #GOT,” Bugsy shared on Twitter.

Bugsy slams fan Tweet.
Pic credit: @BugsyDrake/Twitter

The second stew’s message only riled up fans even more. Bugsy’s tweet earned more backlash than before, with fans sticking to their conspiracy theory.

Captain Sandy Yawn, Malia White, and Bugsy Drake are quickly becoming some of the most disliked cast members in Below Deck Med history. Season 5 is only half over, but fans are already bringing the hate to those three women.

What do you think of Bugsy’s tweet?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Sandy Fiore
Sandy Fiore
3 years ago

It was for sure set up they been gunning to get Hannah fired from the beginning and poor kieko if I had some one looking over my shoulders and criticizing e I would crack to. I saw her give more encouragement to Mila who was so bad that’s how I know they had it planned to get Milia boyfriend in I’m done watching I’ll wait for captain Lee

Naomi Patinca
Naomi Patinca
3 years ago

Can’t stand Sandy, Malia or Bugsy anymore.

Russell Burns
Russell Burns
3 years ago

This show will suck now I’m done back stabbing losers

Clayton Boyd
Clayton Boyd
3 years ago

Captain Sandy…. is the WORST person. She pushes people emotionally into doing their worst, not their best. She is unkind, insensitive and NOT A DECENT PERSON.