Chef Kiko reflects on Below Deck Med and his emotional exit from Bravo show

Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran is opening up about his exit from Below Deck Mediterranean.
Kiko is living his best life after his emotional Below Deck Med journey. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Kiko is reflecting on his time on Below Deck Med, including his emotional exit from the Bravo show.

It didn’t take long for Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran to become a fan favorite on Season 5 of the yachting reality TV show. His dramatic goodbye brought viewers to tears. Kiko leaving broke the hearts of fans, Hannah Ferrier, and Jessica More.

Twitter was flooded with love and support for Kiko following the most recent episode. The talented chef expressed his gratitude to the viewers and spilled what it was like for him on The Wellington. Plus, Kiko is dishing life after Below Deck Med.

The beginning of the end

Chef Kiko admitted to The Daily Dish that he felt great about his cooking skills and performance until after the fourth charter. It was then that Captain Sandy Yawn criticized his galley and plating. She told him to step up his cooking or else.

The conversation changed chef Kiko’s attitude going from great to feeling extremely nervous around the captain. Captain Sandy got in his head, turning the ordinarily positive chef more negative.

“[When] she said that, I was like, whoa. Like, I’m giving not 100 percent; I’m giving, like, a thousand percent of myself here,” Kiko explained to the website.

Going into the Vegas dinner, Kiko felt drained and tired. He agreed with Captain Sandy that the food was awful.

Although some fans have blamed Hannah for the menu, Kiko is taking full blame as he is the chef. It was not a menu he would ever serve, which made him feel bad for the guests.

Kiko living his best life after Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @HindrigoLorran/Instagram

Looking back and moving forward

As he reflects on his Below Deck Mediterranean time, Kiko wishes he would have trusted his instincts more, not second guess himself so much.

“I was thinking too much about what people think about me and what people [are] gonna say about me. So, I [thought] too much about that, and I forgot that I just have to be myself and follow my thoughts,” he shared with The Daily Dish.

One thing Kiko is proud of his that he got a chance to redeem himself. Even though he initially wanted to leave mid-charter and almost did the morning after Captain Sandy fired him, Kiko was glad he stayed. The chef earned a round of applause from the guests, which made Kiko feel great.

“I made the guests happy in the end,” Kiko explained. “And it was good. [A] great feeling, actually, because I had that crush that night before, but after was totally fine. [I] was good. So, I felt great.”

Hannah and Kiko are friendship goals.
Pic credit: @belowdeckmedbravo/Instagram

Viewers watched Kiko get emotional after being fired, and as he left The Wellington. He was sad to have to leave the Bravo show without being able to show off more of his culinary talent. Plus, it was hard to say goodbye to his pal Hannah.

These days life is excellent for the beloved chef. Kiko spent time after Below Deck Med traveling, cooking, surfing, and enjoyed time with his long-time girlfriend, Nicole.

After spending the coronavirus pandemic in Hawaii with Nicole, Kiko is now back to cooking on a catamaran in Martinique in the Caribbean.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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