Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn slams and praises fired chef Kiko

Captain Sandy addresses chef Kiko firing from Below Deck Med.
Captain Sandy keeps changing her tune about chef Kiko. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn has slammed and praised chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran after firing him from Below Deck Mediterranean.

It has been a week full of backlash for the infamous captain, Malia White, and Bugsy Drake. Fans are fuming at those three for actions they feel caused Kiko’s demise and for giving Hannah Ferrier a panic attack that may lead to her firing.

Ever since the episode with the Vegas nachos aired, viewers have not been thrilled with Captain Sandy. Now she is sending mixed messages about Kiko that has left Below Deck Med fans confused.

Watch What Happens Live appearance

Immediately following the episode featuring chef Kiko’s sad good-bye, Captain Sandy appeared on Watch What Happens Live. She and Below Deck alum, Kate Chastain, virtually chatted with host Andy Cohen on the dramatic episode.

The captain explained she made the decision based on what was best for The Wellington crew and future charter guests. Captain Sandy then blasted Kiko for only wanting to stay to prove to himself that he could hack it.

“So, for me, that’s really selfish, because when you’re making it about you, and you’re going to tackle this, but you don’t have the proper training, you’re affecting the whole,” Captain Sandy said. “As a captain, I have to make sure the whole is getting everything they need, and Kiko was only thinking about Kiko and what his goal was.”

She also expressed her frustration over Kiko not coming to her and admitting a new chef was needed. The captain explained she gave him many opportunities to do the right thing because of his lack of training. It never happened though.

Captain Sandy also alluded to Kiko lying on his resume. She told Andy she wished she could show people Kiko’s resume. There are even deleted tweets where Captain Sandy insinuates Kiko lied about his experience.

Sending a more positive message about Kiko

A couple of days after the Below Deck Med episode and WWHL appearance, Captain Sandy took to Instagram to send another message. She chose to shine a more positive light on Kiko, while also explaining her side of the story.

“It’s never easy leading a team when all odds are against you. Kiko did his best. He did not fail; he won. He sees now that he must have the proper training to embark on a position as a chef on a Superyacht. I know as viewers it’s hard to watch, imagine doing this job! It’s not as easy as it appears from your living room,” she wrote.

Captain Sandy Kiko Instagram message
Pic credit: @CaptainSandy/Instagram

Fans believe the Instagram message was only written so the captain could save face with fans. After all, within two days, Captain Sandy Yawn slammed and praised fired chef Kiko.

The mixed message isn’t helping change viewers’ minds about the microimaging captain. It is only going to get worse for Captain Sandy too. As the drugs on board scandal, which fans know is Hannah Ferrier, plays out onscreen, the backlash will increase.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

There are so many criticisms I have of Capt. Sandy. (1) She micromanaged Kiko to death. She was always looking over his shoulder, asking what he was serving, commenting negatively to both Malia and Bugsy about the food Kiko was serving, and even commenting about the food in front of guests and questioning them about how they liked it at every opportunity. Kate was correct when she said the captain put a lot of pressure on Kiko. I couldn’t help but wonder the whole time if Sandy had a hidden agenda where he was concerned. Now we know. What I was hoping Capt. Sandy would do was ask Malia’s boyfriend and Kiko to work together. Maybe pay the boyfriend and let Kiko have the tips or vice-versa. Kiko could have learned so much from him, and Sandy would have her 4 or 5-star chef. It could have been worked out, because everyone liked Kiko and would have done whatever they could to make him a better chef. My favorite Below Deck episode EVER, and I have watched every episode of all three shows, was when Kiko beautifully cooked a six-course meal for 12 guests. His efforts and food were everything Sandy could hope for, and Hannah did the best job explaining each dish and the country from which it came. (2) Knowing the prior relationship between Hannah and Bugsy, did Capt. Sandy have to tell Hannah in front of the entire crew that she had hired Bugsy as a second stew? Sandy should have done that privately. To make matters worse, Bugsy and Malia are really good friends, so I’m sure there was a hidden agenda on their part. Plus, Bugsy and Malia were constantly commenting to themselves and to Sandy about how Hannah was at fault for never telling Kiko that his food was not good. Talk to Hannah before you talk to each other or the captain. AND, Sandy went out of her way to constantly compliment Bugsy for what she was doing in front of the crew and guests at times. Hannah is not one of my favorite people, but she worked really hard on this yacht. In the beginning, she had a second stew who was a nightmare and a third stew who never worked in a laundry room and bragged about it. Sandy hired these people not Hannah. Then Sandy brings on Bugsy, and her third stew breaks her finger. What a horror story for Hannah. (3) This is about Hannah. I do feel she should take some of the blame for the Las Vegas dinner. Kiko had his menu planned, and Hannah told him what she thought he should do. So he changed his menu but didn’t really understand what exactly Hannah had suggested, and Hannah didn’t realize that Kiko was not preparing what she thought he was. Enter Sandy who treats Kiko like he was subhuman, and thens says to finish the job he started. (4) Sandy has accomplished a lot in a career usually designed for men. However, the b***h in her needs to be reined in a times. The way she treated Kiko is one of those times. The way she treated Sandy is a close second.