Below Deck Down Under: Magda Ziomek and Tumi Mhlongo tease Season 1 gets hot

Tumi and Magda from Below Deck Down Under warn fans things get steamy.
Magda and Tumi have a warning for Below Deck Down Under viewers. Pic credit: Peacock

Magda Ziomek and Tumi Mhlongo from Below Deck Down Under have teased that Season 1 gets hot and steamy as the show heads into the back half of the season.

The latest Below Deck spin-off is halfway through its inaugural season, with the focus of the show being on arrogant chef Ryan McKeown. There’s no question that chief stew Aesha Scott’s battle with Ryan’s my way or the highway attitude keeps viewers coming back for more.

Hunky Captain Jason Chambers has also helped make the show a mega success. The captain butting heads with the deck team, especially bosun Jamie Sayed has been a pivotal point too.

Stews Tumi and Magda are now teasing that Below Deck Down Under viewers should get ready for some hot and steamy moments on the show.

Magda Ziomek and Tumi Mhlongo tease Below Deck Down Under Season 1 gets hot

The mid-season trailer featured so much drama, including Captain Jason firing a crew member.

There was a slight hint of romance between deckhands Brittini Burton and Culver Bradbury in the trailer too. They did a little dance together and even got physical in the hot tub.

Tumi and Magda teased what was coming for these two, and it sounds pretty juicy. The two stews opened up to TV Insider regarding the burgeoning romance.

“It’s going to be romantic. Culver and Brittini,” Magda spilled to the website, while Tumi declared the “Jacuzzi gets very steamy.”

They both agreed that the rest of the season gets hot and is a wild one.

“It’s only going to get hotter and hotter,” Magda shared without giving away any details.

As for Tumi, she insists she’s going to “hide in a hole” while the rest of Below Deck Down Under Season 1 plays out on-screen.

The Aesha Scott factor

Along with both Magda and Tumi teasing the rest of the season will be hot, they also touched on their individual relationships with Aesha.

Tumi has a great working relationship. However, as Below Deck Down Under viewers have seen, Madga isn’t such a fan of the chief stew. Magda called working with the Below Deck Med alum “challenging,” revealing they lacked communication.

The strained working relationship between Aesha and Magda Ziomek takes a toll on the interior team. Below Deck Down Under fans will also see Tumi Mhlongo connect more with Aesha, whom she praised for being authentic. Tumi admitted she loved working with Aesha Scott.

There you have it, Below Deck Down Under fans have so much to look forward to as Season 1 begins to wind down.

What do you think of the new Below Deck spin-off?

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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