Below Deck Down Under fans sound off on chef Ryan McKeown’s awful behavior toward Aesha Scott

Below Deck Down Under viewers slam chef Ryan over his actions toward Aesha.
Ryan and his treatment of Aesha are one hot topic for Below Deck Down Under viewers. Pic credit: Peacock

Below Deck Down Under fans have sounded off on chef Ryan McKeown’s awful behavior toward Aesha Scott after the most recent episode.

Ryan has quickly become enemy number one among Below Deck Down Under viewers. The chef’s arrogant attitude has earned him villain status on the show.

Adding fuel to the fire of dislike for Ryan was his behavior toward Aesha in Season 1, Episode 6. Ryan was a total jerk as she tried to find a way to work with him and please the guests, which is his job.

Things got tense when Aesha asked him about his yacht experience. Ryan turned degrading, telling Aesha to stick to laundry and vacuuming.

Social media was buzzing over the episode, with viewers being Team Aesha all the way.

Below Deck Down Under fans sound off on Ryan McKeown’s awful behavior

Twitter didn’t hold back in expressing their feelings about having chef Ryan on the newest Below deck spin-off.

One user called out Captain Jason Chambers, wondering if he was mortified watching how Ryan treats Aesha, while another user went off on the chef.

Fans are not here for Ryan.
Pic credit: @@meganchildress7/Twitter and @rho_springfield/Twitter

There was even a request to get Ryan off the Thalassa luxury yacht.

A fan also pointed out what a good person Aesha was and a different one called Ryan a prick for saying negative things about the beloved chief stew.

Fans are over Ryan's negativity.
Pic credit: @KoyaBoya/Twitter and @U_cant_affordme/Twitter

Aesha gets props for handling Ryan

As social media was expressing unhappiness with chef Ryan, many were not only defending Aesha but gave her props for how she dealt with him.

One fan thought Aesha deserved a gold star after she was “verbally assaulted” in the galley by the chef. Another user expressed sympathy for the chief stew having to deal with Ryan, especially after she endured chef Tom Checketts on Below Deck Med Season 5.

Below Deck Down Under fans feel sorry for Aesha
Pic credit: @Hollywoodizzyb/Twitter and @rho_springfield/Twitter

A different Twitter user expressed a desire to see Aesha go off on Ryan, and let’s be honest. It’s only a matter of time.

There you have it, Below Deck Down Under fans have sided with Aesha Scott in her battle with chef Ryan McKeown. As seen in the trailer, Ryan continues to have issues with Aesha all season long.

The chef’s behavior eventually gets to Captain Jason, who also has words with him. It’s not just Ryan’s behavior towards Aesha that’s bad. The way he treated and spoke about the recent guests was terrible. Yes, they were demanding, but it’s his job to serve them food they want and like.

Perhaps Captain Jason finally has enough of Ryan’s arrogance when it comes to cooking for the guests. Below Deck Down Under viewers will have to keep watching to find out.

Are you Team Aesha and or Team Ryan?

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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2 years ago

I am team Aisha. He’s a dick !!

TRACEY Palangio
TRACEY Palangio
2 years ago

Is Ryan McKeown really a chef? He has the worst attitude I have ever seen, probably covering up his lack of experience on Yachts and unprofessional behavior. Fire him. Now.

Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson
1 year ago

Good news is, when this prick gets chucked off the boat for being out and out crap we won’t see him again as no one would be stupid enough to employ him after this.

1 year ago

Ryan is obviously deeply insecure and miserable which he tries to cover up with pompous arrogance. He’s not even that good of a chef. Good riddance! Take your hairy bare arse and let the door hit you on your way out. He should have been gone after first charter. So disrespectful and especially to the captain! Never would have happened with captain Lee. And to complain about guests who are paying a ton of money for good food and service as they should expect shows how classless and clueless he is. Go open a hot dog stand in NY Ryan where you can bark at ppl all day, sit on your hairy ugly arse and give zero Fs about customers. That’s your jam.