Below Deck fans weigh in on Below Deck Down Under spin-off

What do Below Deck fans think of Below Deck Down Under?
The new Below Deck spin-off has fans buzzing for many reasons. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have weighed in on the Below Deck Down Under spin-off after four episodes have hit the airwaves.

Below Deck Down Under takes place in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia, giving guests the best place in the world to snorkel, the Great Barrier Reef. The location isn’t only gorgeous; it gives viewers a different glimpse into yachting dealing with wildlife and shark attacks.

There’s no doubt Below Deck Down Under brings a whole new vibe to the hit-yachting franchise. However, are Below Deck fans on board with the new series and its different spin on the franchise?

Let’s take a look at what Below Deck fans are saying about Below Deck Down Under.

What do Below Deck fans like about Below Deck Down Under?

Below Deck fans can take a while to get into a new spin-off. Season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was a bomb. After a complete revamp for Season 2, the sailing show has become one of the most popular in the franchise.

Below Deck Down Under seems to be having better luck with Season 1 because of the location and crew. Captain Jason Chambers, Aesha Scott, and stew Tumi Mhlongo have earned props on social media.

Twitter reacts to Below Deck Down Under.
Pic credit: @MooreRosh/Twitter and @LesRealHW/Twitter and @UndaCovaRed/Twitter

Another Twitter user gushed over having Below Deck Med alum Aesha being back on the small screen.

When it was announced Captain Jason was helming Below Deck Down Under, fans were drooling over his good looks. However, since the show has aired, one fan praised his work ethic, especially for helping deckhand Benny Crawley.

Twitter also likes the father-and-son dynamic between Captain Jason and Benny.

The most recent episode featuring Culver Bradbury had fans buzzing after he entertained guests in their pirate-themed party.

What do Below Deck viewers not like about Below Deck Under?

Along with all the good things Below Deck viewers like about the show, there are some things fans are not happy about.

Chef Ryan McKeown has become the villain on Below Deck Down Under, and viewers are not holding back their feelings regarding him.

One Twitter user slammed Ryan while praising Aesha as a chief stew.

Other Below Deck Down Under crew members that Twitter isn’t fond of include bosun Jamie Sayed and stew Magda Ziomek.

Twitter slams Below Deck Down Under crew.
Pic credit: @maggiejbl/Twitter and @Timothy_II/Twitter and @tamdanielle85/Twitter

Social media has been abuzz with talk about Below Deck Down Under as the new Below Deck spin-off finally hit airwaves. It’s a hit for sure, but that doesn’t mean viewers don’t have some criticism.

The good, the bad, and the ugly are part of what has made Below Deck a success, and Below Deck Down Under is no exception.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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2 years ago

This show is a joke. I have been a Below Deck fan for a while. But this one shouldn’t have ever made it to television. The Captain does more work than the So Called Deck Crew. The Chief Stew and Second Stew, are the only ones worthy of being on the show. They all need to Grow Up, they aren’t kids any more.