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Why is NCIS not on tonight and when does NCIS return with new episodes?

NCIS Cast Smiles
The Season 18 NCIS cast has been a lot of fun to watch. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS is not on tonight, but at least we know when the next new episode of 2021 will air on CBS.

This is currently Season 18 of NCIS and viewers might need a break after what happened last week. During the episode called The First Day, NCIS fans were jolted to learn that Breena Palmer, the wife of Dr. Jimmy Palmer, had died.

The sneak peek for that episode centered around Palmer did hint that something bad was coming up for his character, but it certainly didn’t give away the fact that his wife was going to be killed off by the writers.

Now, the story will jump forward to one revolving around some of the characters traveling to Afghanistan, but the bad news is that another NCIS hiatus on the CBS schedule is underway.

Why is NCIS not on tonight?

There is no new episode of NCIS for Tuesday, February 16. CBS will instead re-show NCIS Episode 400, which was an interesting story about when Young Gibbs met Young Ducky for the first time. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, that might be worth tuning in to watch tonight. It’s also a good reminder that the actor playing Young Gibbs is the real-life son of Mark Harmon.

When does NCIS return with new episodes?

The next new episode of NCIS Season 18 is called True Believer. It is scheduled to debut for the first time on Tuesday, March 2. It’s going to be an extremely important episode for the character of Jack Sloane, who has been played by Maria Bello since Season 15.

Below is a full synopsis of True Believer, which serves as NCIS Season 18, Episode 8:

“When Sloane’s name is discovered in Afghanistan at the site of an abandoned bus with a dead driver, Gibbs accompanies her on a trip to find a group of girls who were kidnapped from the bus. Also, McGee, Bishop and Torres track down a hacker who emailed compromising information to the Taliban, on NCIS.”

The episode looks really good on paper and it may also include another big surprise for CBS viewers. Make sure to tune in right at 8/7c on March 2 so that you don’t miss a single moment of the episode.

Some NCIS cast spoilers for Season 18

Actor Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Agent Nick Torres on the show, recently revealed some interesting show spoilers on his social media account. It’s big news about the NCIS cast and what could be coming up later in Season 18.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. Please do not cancel any of the NCIS series. They are my favorite shows each week. And don’t take away any of the characters. I love them all.


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