NCIS Season 18, Episode 7 promo: Episode clip provides sneak peek

Palmer NCIS Season 18
Brian Dietzen is great as Jimmy Palmer on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The new NCIS Season 18 episode airs on Tuesday night, and it is called The First Day. It begins a week of new content for all three NCIS shows, with the flagship show having one that revolves around the medical examiner, Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen).

This will be NCIS Season 18, Episode 7 and it is going to finally allow the characters to open a new chapter of storytelling this season. During the last episode, viewers and members of the NCIS cast finally got some closure after the intense case that began with Gibbs shooting McGee in the season premiere.

The new episode synopsis reads as follows: “NCIS investigates the murder of a Navy officer who was killed while driving home a recently released inmate. Also, Gibbs helps Palmer deal with a personal trauma, on NCIS.”

Ahead of its debut, CBS has released an intriguing sneak peek for the February 9 episode that certainly foreshadows what might be happening during the hour.

NCIS Season 18, Episode 7 sneak peek

Below is a clip from the beginning of the Season 18 NCIS episode called The First Day. As hinted at in the synopsis shared above, it appears that Palmer is about to deal with some personal trauma.

This new sneak peek clip from the episode certainly seems a tad foreboding, especially due to the quick response from Gibbs (Mark Harmon) when he tells Palmer that he needs to talk to his mother.

An earlier, more extensive sneak peek of the new episode was released as well. It’s a bit longer and it delves into the case that the NCIS team is going to be working. That clip is shared below and it features Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) out on the case.

NCIS episodes in February

This is going to be it for new episodes of NCIS during the month of February. Viewers are going to have to wait for March to see NCIS Season 18, Episode 8, as another winter hiatus is about to begin. That’s going to be a bit disappointing, but at least the NCIS spin-offs will have some new content.

On the NCIS: LA schedule, the next new episode is going to be very dramatic, as Sam Hanna’s daughter gets abducted and he has to figure out how to save her. Someone just made a big mistake by crossing LL COOL J.

The NCIS: New Orleans schedule also has some interesting new content on it, beginning with a new episode airing on February 14.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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