Why is Jasmine allowed to just sit out? Big Brother fans want her gone

Jasmine BB24 Ceremony
Jasmine Davis has struggled a lot during Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Jasmine Davis has been having a tough time on Big Brother 24, even though she enjoyed an entire week of safety due to Matt Turner winning the last HOH Competition.

During the Week 2 HOH Competition, Jasmine hurt her ankle/foot, even as many Big Brother fans thought she touched the ground. She ended up advancing and winning a pie-eating challenge, giving her the power of the house.

In Week 3, Turner won HOH, and because he had to go with Jasmine as his partner, she too ended up safe for the week. Not really competing for two weeks and doing a lot of lounging around the house has rubbed some fans the wrong way.

When Jasmine is shown during episodes, she often opts out of challenges, which hasn’t been a great look for her.

After Jasmine opted out of the last Veto Competition with a proclamation that she was afraid of heights, it didn’t go over well on social media.

And playing as part of a duo, it has become even more important for people to try their hardest in competitions, despite Nicole Loyag quitting on her partner, Taylor Hale.

Big Brother fans react to Jasmine Davis not competing

Many people watching Big Brother this summer have commented on Jasmine looking like she is working hard not to compete – including former Big Brother houseguests weighing in.

“Not laughing at jasmine passing out & i’m glad she’s ok but homegirl was really trying her HARDEST not to compete. the medic cleared her ankle so she said ‘i think i’m about to pass out’ then they cleared her after passing out so she said ‘i think i’m scared of heights’ #BB24[sic],” wrote BB23 cast member Hannah Chaddha.

Hannah On Jasmine BB24
BB23 cast member Hannah commented on Jasmine. Pic credit: @Hannah_Chaddha/Twitter

More comments about Jasmine Davis sitting out

“Okay, can we get a replacement for Jasmine? Why havent we medically cleared contestants before coming onto the show?! Phobias like heights should be discussed because sometimes comps may include these. #BB24” wrote a Twitter user named Nika.

BB Fan On Jasmine
A Big Brother fan asked about Jasmine not competing. Pic credit: @GuernicaWilliams/Twitter

“Shes milking it, theres nothing wrong with her foot anymore, nor did Jasmine really pass out that was so acted out it was ridiculous, then shes afraid of heights All she wants to do is eat & $h!+talk #BB24[sic],” wrote another frustrated Big Brother fan.

BB Fan On Jasmine 2
Another BB fan comments about Jasmine. Pic credit: @PaulaFeese/Twitter

Why is Jasmine just allowed to sit out on Big Brother?

The show’s producers allow houseguests to continue competing at their own risk, even if they are injured. In Jasmine’s case, she was medically cleared to participate in that Week 3 Veto Competition, but she chose not to.

In the past, the most memorable injured houseguest was Christmas Abbott, who kept competing on Big Brother 19, despite being hurt for a large chunk of the season. The BB19 cast carried her, thanks to the urging of Paul Abrahamian, and she made it all the way to the final three.

The BB24 cast could vote Jasmine out if she refuses to compete in challenges, but they have not taken that initiative. Some of them really feel sorry for her.

And the producers aren’t really going to step in and demand that she try, as there is a long history of people throwing/not trying to compete in challenges. Viewers need to look no further than Nicole quitting on her partner. Just don’t suggest that she quits…

Some Big Brother 24 spoilers from Week 4

Important Big Brother 24 spoilers about the Power of Veto just came out on the live feeds, looking at the drama that could be coming up at the Veto Meeting.

The game has gotten really good inside of the Big Brother house, no matter how much of that game Jasmine Davis has participated in.

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1 year ago

i have been a big fan of big brother since forever,the girl should be sent home,she has not even tried to compete,and she should have never have gone on to compete for hoh her foot touched the ground

1 year ago

I hope Nicole goes the way she treated Taylor is disgusting

robert lloyd
robert lloyd
1 year ago

i have had many sprained ankles in my life. You put ice them to get the swelling down and you stay off of it for a day or two but not 3 weeks!

1 year ago

I agree, she should be made to leave since she cannot compete, however the same thing happened to Christmas a few seasons ago and they let her stay (which i didn’t agree with at the time either)

1 year ago
Reply to  Karen

The difference is, Christmas broke 10 bones in her foot, dislocated four toes and had severed ligaments, yet she STILL competed in most challenges (and even when she physically wasn’t able, she still pled her case to producers so she COULD compete).

I HIGHLY dislike Christmas… like a severe dislike, but even I had to give her respect after such a severe injury, and yet she always wanted to physically compete.

Jasmine on the other hand… is absolutely lazy and milking the sympathy for all it’s worth.
Robert (poster above) is absolutely correct.
As a competitive cheerleader at the highest level, I’ve had more than my share of sprains in my life (I’ve had more than my share for 10 lives!) but sprains do NOT require 3 weeks of rest and using a walking assisted scooter.

A sprain lasts for 2-3 days, 5 days TOPS, and that’s if it’s really severe sprain.

You use the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) as one your first mannor of treatment, as it’s a technique that helps reduce swelling, ease pain, and speed up healing immensely.

I hope the HG’s get tired of waiting on Jasmine hand & foot very soon, because I KNOW the viewers are sick and tired of her acting… ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Avalon

* ugh, apologies for all of the typos & misspells, yikes!