Big Brother fans convinced Jasmine touched the ground during HOH Competition

Jasmine Davis BB24 Photo
Jasmine Davis really hopes America loves her on Big Brother. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Many Big Brother fans have been posting on social media about their belief that Jasmine Davis touched the ground during the Week 2 Head of Household Competition and should have been forced to go back to the start.

Thursday night presented a very chaotic Big Brother episode, with Paloma Aguilar leaving the game, the Backstage Twist coming to an end, and the first part of a new HOH Competition getting played.

For the first part of the HOH Competition, the 14 participating houseguests battled in head-to-head races on an obstacle course in the backyard. The winner got to move on to round two, while the loser was eliminated from contention.

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In the fifth race, Jasmine Davis went against Terrance Higgins, with both houseguests struggling a bit on the course. If a houseguest fell off an obstacle or had a foot touch the ground, they were instructed to go back to the start and try again.

While Jasmine was doing the climbing wall portion of the course, she slipped, and to a lot of CBS viewers, it appeared that one of her feet made contact with the ground. Host Julie Chen Moonves even began to say something until Jasmine stepped off the backyard stage, hurt herself, and went down.

The show went to a commercial break and when it returned, Jasmine was told that she had won her race. What was unclear from the camera angles, was whether or not Terrance had made it a close finish, or if the producers were actually checking to see if Jasmine’s foot touched the ground.

Big Brother fans react to the HOH Competition

Below is a video clip shared from Big Brother 24, Episode 4, where it does appear that Jasmine touched the ground, causing confetti to rise up as she scrambled to get back on the wall.

Another social media user went the meme route to explain how they felt while watching the episode play out.

And another Twitter user posted a still photo where they felt that it showed Jasmine was definitely touching the ground with her left foot.

Big Brother spoilers about who won the Head of Household Competition

After the episode aired, the seven people who advanced from the first round battled it out to become the second HOH of the summer. And that is where the controversy might get even deeper for some viewers.

Jasmine Davis is the new Head of Household, as she won a challenge that will be featured during the July 17 episode of the show. This led to even more posts on social media after people felt she shouldn’t have even advanced.

But maybe the producers made a decision here? Maybe the thought was that Terrance had been behind her in the challenge when that particular race was stopped, and that the evidence was too inconclusive to take the win away from Jasmine?

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Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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