Big Brother 24 spoilers: Veto results for Week 2 are out

Terrance On BB24 HOH
Terrance Higgins became one of the HOHS in Big Brother 24 Week 7. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers have revealed the Week 2 Power of Veto winner. The veto results became available on the Big Brother live feeds on Saturday afternoon, where it became obvious that someone is a big threat to win the $750,000 prize.

There is a lot to unpack following the Thursday night episode, where they didn’t have time to finish up the Week 2 Head of Household Competition. That challenge will be shown during the July 17 episode of the show.

Jasmine Davis is the new Head of Household, though many Big Brother fans say she touched the ground during her race against Terrance Higgins. That debate is still getting discussed on social media.

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At the Week 2 Nomination Ceremony, Jasmine put Pooch and Taylor Hale on the block. She had shared that plan well before even hosting the Nomination Ceremony, so it wasn’t surprising that Pooch and Taylor are now at risk.

Then, on Saturday, the Week 2 Veto Competition took place, with the HOH, the two nominees, and three additional houseguests all competing to win an important Power of Veto. Pooch and Taylor each knew how important it could be to gain safety.

Pooch, Taylor, Terrance, Ameerah Jones, and Michael Bruner joined Jasmine in the Veto Competition. Former HOH Daniel Durston served as the host.

Who won the Week 2 Big Brother 24 Power of Veto?

Michael Bruner won the Power of Veto today. This is the second straight week he has won the POV, as the superfan continues to rack up challenge wins. He must be careful if he wants to avoid having a big target on his back.

On Monday, Michael will have the chance to take Taylor or Pooch off the block. And if he decides to save someone from the block at the Veto Meeting, Jasmine will have to come up with a replacement nominee.

More news and notes from Big Brother 24

Host Julie Chen Moonves teased that a new twist is coming for the BB24 cast, with the expectation that it will arrive soon. This may end up being something that impacts the houseguests once they are down to 14 people.

The swimsuit photos for the BB24 cast are also out, with the brand-new houseguests having fun in the sun during their photoshoot.

After Paloma Aguilar left the game, there are still 15 people competing for the $750,000 prize. If the producers are still working with a nine-person jury this summer, four more people must be sent home before the BB24 jury starts forming.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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