Paloma Aguilar now blames her Big Brother gameplay on false ‘narrative’ and ‘cancel culture’

Paloma BB24 DR
Big Brother 2022 cast member Paloma Aguilar has more to say about her experiences. Pic credit: CBS

Paloma Aguilar is pushing hard to re-write the narrative that Big Brother fans have assigned to her due to her actions and behavior as a member of the BB24 cast.

Recently, Paloma released a statement saying she is friends with Taylor Hale, blaming the editing and live feeds for fans misunderstanding what they saw happen in the Big Brother house.

Now, Paloma has returned to clarify further why she spoke so badly about Taylor and how she feels that it is “cancel culture” making her look bad on the Big Brother live feeds.

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“Nothing but love for this beautiful cast? I genuinely have come out of this experience with only good things to say about each individual; aside from any game play that was talked,” Paloma wrote on a new Instagram post about BB24.

“It is such a shame how social media tries to tear a person down through cancel culture because of the way things were being portrayed to fit a narrative for ‘good TV’. People see it as ‘the ultimate truth of reality’ when in actuality everything is cut to fit the narrative they want, even the live feeds cut from room to room when things are said that can jeopardize the storyline their going with[sic],” Paloma continued.

It would be very interesting to see Paloma sit down for a one-on-one interview and answer direct questions about what many Big Brother fans considered bullying going on in the Big Brother house. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Paloma says she quit Big Brother due to ‘mental health’

“I left because of an ongoing mental health battle I faced which began once inside the walls of an idealistic utopia of a reality set. A reality that was far from the reality of my San Diego life,” Paloma explained why she needed to quit Big Brother 24.

She went on to talk about the difficult experience of having so many cameras on her for 24 hours a day and that it was rough for her not to be able to go outside and see the sun for so long.

Paloma Insta Statement
Paloma Aguilar put a new Big Brother 2022 statement. Pic credit: @paloma.angeliki/Instagram

More Big Brother 24 news and notes

For fans who want to know everything that has been going on, here is a breakdown of BB24 live feed events from Week 3. It includes the prediction of who is going home next.

It will lead to a very interesting exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves on Thursday night.

And speaking of exit interviews, the extended interview with Pooch was just released, where he speaks more about his game choices during his short time in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 24 | The Mistreatment of Taylor Hale

Since Paloma quit Big Brother, it’s unlikely that we will see her at the season finale. But, we definitely expect her to make more social media comments as the days go on.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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