Paloma Aguilar issues statement about Big Brother exit, says Taylor is a ‘good friend’

Paloma On BB24 Feeds
The Big Brother 2022 house was tough for Paloma Aguilar to deal with. Pic credit: CBS

Paloma Aguilar from Big Brother 24 finally issued a statement about her early exit from the show, and she had some surprising things to say about her relationship with Taylor Hale.

A little earlier in the week, Paloma surfaced on several TikTok videos which addressed her odd behavior in the house. She alluded to not agreeing with the “narrative” given to her during episodes.

Now, she has expressed even more thoughts about her claim that she got a bad edit from the Big Brother producers and said live feed subscribers may not have seen the full story.

Paloma’s story is very similar to the one that Todrick Hall recently told about his time on Celebrity Big Brother. He claimed that his personal attacks against other houseguests were just part of the game.

“No 750,000 dollars was worth the cost of my mental health,” Paloma told Us Weekly in a statement.

“It’s crazy how people jump to conclusions with the whole racist bit — Taylor and I are actually good friends so please keep hyping her up! She’s a QUEEN,” Paloma added about her perceived relationship with Taylor Hale.

Paloma alludes to her Big Brother narrative not being real

“Remember that reality tv isn’t always real. I’m always rooting for boss babes, never going to try and tear a strong woman down and I was extremely straight up with her the first days when we didn’t mesh,” Paloma went on to say in her statement.

Her claim that she is never going to try to tear down a strong woman contradicts a lot of the comments that she was seen saying about Taylor on the Big Brother live feeds. Paloma was even shown calling Taylor a “lying b****” during an episode of the show.

Spoilers from Big Brother 24

While Paloma is now gone from the Big Brother house, the game must go on. There is already a new Head of Household following the July 21 Eviction Ceremony.

Some of the spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds include Pooch getting evicted, Matt Turner becoming the new Head of Household, and Jasmine Davis becoming safe due to a twist in the game.

As for news about the duos, here is how the Bestie twist is working in the Big Brother house. It includes the 14 remaining houseguests getting paired off to compete.

Stay tuned, because there could be a lot of additional spoilers coming from the live feeds, and there could also be a lot of reactions to what Paloma had to say about her Big Brother experience.

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