Todrick Hall claims his Celebrity Big Brother narrative ‘is mostly false, inaccurate and exaggerated’

Todrick On CBB3 Season
Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast member Todrick Hall wants to talk about the show again. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Todrick Hall wants to set the record straight, again. And Todrick has also claimed that he is going to tell his side of the controversial experience he had on CBB3 this past winter, again.

As Big Brother fans who tuned in for the Winter 2022 season already know, rather than address the media after he lost badly on the Celebrity Big Brother season finale, Todrick went into hiding.

Later — much later — Todrick returned to social media to state that fans had not seen what actually took place inside of the Big Brother house and that a lot happened when the live feeds were down. He never elaborated on any of those points, but maybe he will this time. Maybe.

Todrick Hall posts a new note about Big Brother

“My favorite tv show Big Brother is about to start airing again, this week I’ll be filming a video addressing all the controversy and rumors around my name. It’s a video I don’t WANT to make, but I feel like I have to make to fully move on and not be [held] captive under a narrative that is mostly false, inaccurate and exaggerated,” Todrick wrote as the start to an extensive Instagram post.

“I played an incredible game on big brother and I’m honestly proud of my time in the house, it was extremely difficult for me (as I’m sure it was for everyone) but I made it out alive and if I had to do it all over again, sure there are some things I’d do differently, but it was a GAME,” Todrick wrote a bit later in his post, referring to the way that he played Big Brother.

The long caption came with a video where Todrick is seen on stage speaking to one of his audiences about what it was like to play Big Brother.

More Big Brother news

A new season of Big Brother has begun, with the first episode for the BB24 cast revealing a brand-new group of houseguests. There are a lot of twists and turns in store for them this summer, and host Julie Chen Moonves teased a huge eviction night twist.

The show also brought back America’s Vote on Day 1, giving fans a chance to vote on which one of three women they want to grant safety to in Week 1. It’s an early way to get fan involvement during the first week of the season.

For Big Brother fans looking to tune in, here is the early BB24 schedule on CBS. And when we hear that Todrick Hall has released the video that he is working on this week, we will make sure to pass that on as well.

For Big Brother fans who want to go back and watch Todrick playing as part of the CBB3 cast, those episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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2 years ago

Don’t think you played “an incredible game”. Meisha did and her win was justified! Don’t snowjob us now with your lame excuses for the way you were portrayed. You are phony and your landlord can testify to that. You dont OWN your house. You are a con man and a liar, so save it.