Big Brother 24 recap for Episode 1, the first HOH is revealed

BB24 House Look
The Big Brother 2022 season got started with Episode 1 for the BB24 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 began on Wednesday night, with a brand-new group of houseguests getting a shot to play the game this summer.

Earlier this week, the names of the 16 BB24 cast members were revealed (bios here), giving the fans a late first look at who was part of the new season.

Then, some shocking news came out, as Marvin Achi lost his spot on the BB24 cast. He was replaced with an alternate, but there is still some mystery surrounding why he is gone.

Big Brother 2022, Episode 1 begins

Host Julie Chen Moonves welcomed the fans and got the ball running on the new season. She then jumped right into introducing the BB24 cast, with production giving a quick package of each person and then showing them on the stage with Julie.

Jasmine Davis, Kyle Capener, Paloma Aguilar, and Monte Taylor were in the first group of four people to enter the Big Brother house. Julie told them each to stop at one of the stations in the house and grab a ticket before heading to the backyard. The tickets would randomly assign them to one of three competitions.

Alyssa Snider, Daniel Durston, Taylor Hale, and Michael Bruner made up the second group of four.

Nicole Layog, Joeseph Abdin, Matt Turner, and Brittany Hoopes were in group three.

The final group of houseguests to enter were Indy Santos, Ameerah Jones, Terrance Higgins, and Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli.

The first Big Brother 24 competition – BB Fest

Three first-round challenges were played with one person advancing each time. The three winners would then play in a Head of Household Competition to decide who would control the power.

Jasmine, Kyle, Paloma, Monte, and Nicole were in one challenge. Monte won a challenge based on answering questions about conversations festival-goers were having.

Alyssa, Brittany, (Matt) Turner, Joseph, and Terrance were in a challenge together. It was Turner who advanced from the second challenge after putting on a bunch of jewelry the fastest.

Daniel, Taylor, Michael, Indy, and Ameerah also played in a challenge. Daniel won a brief endurance challenge to advance.

Pooch became the Backstage Boss. He was sent upstairs to wait as the other 15 members of the BB24 cast played their challenges.

Who is the first Big Brother 24 Head of Household?

Monte, Turner, and Daniel competed in the first HOH Competition of the summer. The challenge had them each trying to assemble a drum set puzzle. The winner would become the first HOH and gain the power to nominate two people for eviction.

Daniel became the first Big Brother 24 HOH.

Julie then explained that the Backstage Boss (Pooch) is sitting out all challenges and votes during Week 1. The tradeoff is that he is safe for the week and he can compete in the next HOH Competition.

Pooch was also given the chance to pick three more people who would be sitting out everything during the week, but they would not be granted safe. He picked Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany as the three people who are now at severe risk this week.

America’s Vote has opened, with fans getting to choose to grant Paloma, Alyssa, or Brittany with safety. One of them will become safe based on how people vote.

That’s it for the first Big Brother 24 recap from Summer 2022.

We have a theory about why Marvin was removed from the BB24 cast. And here is the Big Brother 2022 schedule for the first few episodes of the summer.

Big Brother 24, Episode 2 airs Sunday, July 10 at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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