Paloma Aguilar surfaces on social media after Big Brother exit

Paloma On BB24
Big Brother 2022 featured Paloma Aguilar. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Former Big Brother 24 cast member Paloma Aguilar appears to have popped up on social media, roughly a week after she left the Big Brother house.

Ahead of the Week 1 Eviction Ceremony, the feeds were shut down. Rumors then started to spread that Paloma had left the game and would not be returning.

Host Julie Chen Moonves told fans that for personal reasons, Paloma was done, but a possible reason for her BB24 exit was released later on social media.

Now, a TikTok user who had been making videos about the current Big Brother season had Paloma stop by to leave a few comments on videos that had been about her appearance on the show.

“Just want to say- seriously thank you so much for this. I genuinely lost touch with reality because my brain went into overdrive & had a mental break,” wrote Paloma Aguilar on a TikTok video by user ItsASlightObsession.

In the video, the user stated that Paloma was “exhibiting concerning behavior on BB24” as clips from the Big Brother live feeds featuring Paloma were shown.

Paloma pops up to comment on TikTok

Below is one of the videos that led to a lot of feedback from Big Brother fans who felt that Paloma was having a difficult time in the Big Brother house. There is a bit of NFSW language in the video, but it shows unedited footage of how Paloma interacted with many BB24 cast members.


I am genuinely concerned for Paloma’s mental health at this point. I honestly think she needs to be removed for her own good. #bb24 #bigbrother24 #bigbrotherlivefeeds #bigbrothercbs #cbsbigbrother

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And here is the comment that Paloma left on the video:

paloma aguilar's tiktok comment
Paloma Aguilar stopped by TikTok to leave some thoughts. Pic credit: @itsaslightobsession/TikTok

Paloma Aguilar surfaces on TikTok

Cora DeLuca, who runs the TikTok page in question, stated that Paloma stopped by other videos that she made as well, leaving additional comments about her time in the house.

“Awh you were nice once upon a time :) I hope you can realize this is reality tv and they spin a narrative – take care of yourself girl,” Paloma wrote on a second post.

It’s unclear what “narrative” that Paloma is worried that the show spun about her this season.

There is likely more to come from Paloma when she decides to put out an official statement of her own about her exit from Big Brother 24.

For now, the show must go on, and here is a look at the updated Big Brother 24 schedule that has had to shift a bit recently.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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1 year ago

Mean girl down! Perhaps her mental state has something to do with a sick heart and how she treats people.

1 year ago

That’s what lies do to your mental health, Taylor is a great person and you had to start spreading lies and it took its toll on you