Daniel Durston and Paloma Aguilar are hanging out after Big Brother 24

Big Brother 24 alums Daniel Durston and Paloma Aguilar shared that they spent some time together once they were free from the house this summer. While they were playing the game, Daniel and Paloma appeared really close, leading to them forming an alliance called Rogue Rats. They even made a final two pact to go


Paloma Aguilar accuses Taylor Hale of bullying her in new video

Paloma Aguilar from Big Brother 24 just released a new video where she accused fellow houseguests Taylor Hale of bullying her in the house. At the start of this new video, Paloma lets people know that she chose to self-evict due to her mental health and states that it had nothing to do with Taylor


Paloma Aguilar surfaces on social media after Big Brother exit

Former Big Brother 24 cast member Paloma Aguilar appears to have popped up on social media, roughly a week after she left the Big Brother house. Ahead of the Week 1 Eviction Ceremony, the feeds were shut down. Rumors then started to spread that Paloma had left the game and would not be returning. Host


Why did Paloma Aguilar leave Big Brother 24? Possible answers shared

Paloma Aguilar left the Big Brother 24 cast under a cloud of mystery, opening the door for fans to share a lot of theories about it on social media. During the July 14 episode, Julie Chen Moonves simply stated that Paloma left for “personal reasons,” and it was left at that, for now. During the


Big Brother 24 Week 2 twist teased, Julie is asked about Paloma exit

Big Brother 24 is heading toward the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer, but the producers may have something else in mind based on the latest rumors about the show. For fans who haven’t heard the news, rumors state that Paloma Aguilar is “gone” from the game. Adding to those rumors is that the Big


Big Brother rumors: Did someone just quit the show?

Big Brother rumors reveal that a member of the BB24 cast may already be gone from the game. This shocking news came out following the Wednesday night episode of the show. A lot of drama has taken place over the last week, with the treatment of Taylor Hale taking center stage for a lot of