Daniel Durston and Paloma Aguilar are hanging out after Big Brother 24

Daniel BB24 Sunglasses
The Big Brother 2022 season featured Daniel Durston. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 alums Daniel Durston and Paloma Aguilar shared that they spent some time together once they were free from the house this summer.

While they were playing the game, Daniel and Paloma appeared really close, leading to them forming an alliance called Rogue Rats. They even made a final two pact to go to the end of the game together.

Daniel returned to social media earlier this week and he shared an apology note to anyone he may have offended while being on the show.

It was at the end of Week 5 when Daniel was evicted from Big Brother, putting him in 12th place for the summer. He often spoke about how many times he applied to be on the show, and in Summer 2022 he finally got that shot.

Paloma self-evicted from Big Brother toward the end of Week 1. Recently, Paloma shared a video where she said Taylor bullied her in the house, leading to her outbursts.

And now that the game is over for both of them, Daniel and Paloma can get back to enjoying life in the real world.

Daniel shares new photo with Paloma

Taking to his Instagram page, Daniel shared a photo where he and Paloma smiled. He wore his familiar sunglasses, and the duo seemed to be having a lot of fun.

“For the haters,” reads the simple caption to the post that also includes several hashtags.

Daniel will return for Big Brother 24 finale

Even though he has been evicted from the Big Brother house, we will see Daniel Durston again on finale night. Until recently, the people sent home early were invited back to celebrate the season on the stage. The last two seasons, though, those first evictees took part in the final episode through a video feed.

Since the Big Brother live audience has returned for eviction nights, it likely means that we will get to see Daniel, Nicole Layog, Ameerah Jones, and Pooch live and in-person for finale night. Paloma likely won’t be there since she self-evicted.

Back in the game, a big twist has been introduced by the show’s producers. The remaining members of the BB24 cast have been split up in to two groups to compete for the next week. Half are living inside, while the other half are living in the backyard.

The two new HOHs took turn picking players, and here are some spoilers about the BB24 group members.

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