Big Brother 24 spoilers: First post-Besties nominations revealed

Alyssa BB24 Week 5
Alyssa Snider has made it to the jury stage of Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers now include the Week 6 nominations, which were just revealed by the new Head of Household.

Daniel Durston got sent home on Thursday night, bringing his time in the game to an end, but the rest of the houseguests had to compete in an important HOH Competition that same night.

Speaking of Daniel, he says that he got a “villain edit” from Big Brother producers and he continued to push stories that weren’t true in several of his post-show interviews.

As for the remaining members of the BB24 cast, they played in an Endurance Challenge called The Wall. The competition didn’t last very long, but it will be featured on the August 14 episode of the show.

Taylor Hale emerged as the endurance winner, marking the first time that she has won a challenge this summer. This is also going to be a much easier week for her than normal because she doesn’t have to worry about going on the block.

On Friday (August 12), Taylor hosted a Nomination Ceremony where she put her plans into motion. This also served as a way for her to protect the people who stood up for her this summer.

Who did Taylor nominate for eviction on Big Brother 24?

Taylor nominated Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos for eviction. She revealed those nominees on Friday, and the two people on the block will get a chance to save themselves by winning the Veto Competition that takes place on Saturday (August 13).

Since the Besties twist has come to an end, everyone is playing for themselves now. It also means that three additional people will get to join in on the Veto Competition to try and wrestle some of the power away from Taylor.

More Big Brother news

Michael Bruner has won the Power of Veto four times already this summer, which is a remarkable accomplishment through just five weeks of the game.

It’s possible that Michael could break some challenge records this summer, and in that regard, here is the list of top veto players from over the years.

Could Michael win his fifth Veto Competition during Week 6? Stay tuned.

The game is going to change a lot very soon for the Big Brother 24 cast, and Julie Chen Moonves hinted at it during the latest episode. After this week, the house is going to get split into two parts, with simultaneous games going on. We will learn more details about that as it gets closer to happening.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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