Who has the most Power of Veto wins in Big Brother history?

Michael Bruner On BB24
Sixth place is where Michael Bruner finished on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Michael Bruner just won the Power of Veto for the fourth time on Big Brother 24, showing that he is a threat to go all the way to the end this summer.

And winning four Veto Competitions in the first five weeks of a season is extremely remarkable, putting him on the road to becoming the new Veto King of Big Brother.

Michael has cemented himself as a significant threat to win the $750,000 prize, but he may have also made himself a target going forward. The good news for him, though, is that he made it to the BB24 jury no matter what happens next.

Someone is about to become the new Head of Household thanks to The Wall, so it’s possible that someone could take a shot at Michael very soon. But if they do, he may get to play in another Veto Competition.

It all raises some interesting questions about who has been the most successful houseguest in the history of the show when it comes to winning Veto Competitions.

Counting the 24 summer seasons, the three celebrity winter seasons, and the online version (Big Brother: Over the Top), that’s a sample size of 28 seasons to look back on.

Who has won the Power of Veto the most on Big Brother?

Four Big Brother alums have won the Power of Veto five times in a single season. That’s the record, and it has been in place ever since Janelle Pierzina won five Veto Competitions back on Big Brother 7.

Daniele Briones then duplicated that effort on Big Brother 8, and the ladies remained the Veto Queens for many years. It wasn’t until Big Brother 19 when the record was tied, as Paul Abrahamian won it five times on the way to his second-place finish.

Then, during Big Brother 20, Kaycee Clark won the Power of Veto five times, securing many victories late in the season to push her toward becoming the BB20 winner. And she is still the only winner of the show who has won the Power of Veto five times in a single season.

As for total Power of Veto wins, Paul has done it eight times over two seasons to lead the way. Janelle and Cody Calafiore have each won seven total Veto Competitions during their times on the show.

What’s ahead for Big Brother 24?

With the fifth elimination from the BB24 cast, the Besties twist reportedly comes to an end. That will allow people to begin really playing the game on their own, opening the door for some interesting moves in the weeks to come.

After the August 11 Eviction Ceremony, everyone left in the game has made it to at least the jury stage of the season. That’s a big deal because it comes with an increase in the overall stipend that each of the houseguests gets to take home.

Meanwhile, a lot of Big Brother fans feel Jasmine Davis is playing up her injury for sympathy. That includes a lot of negative reactions to her taking a cane into the pool with her this past week.

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