Jasmine Davis insists she needs her cane in Big Brother pool, social media reacts

Jasmine Sunglasses BB24
BB24 cast member Jasmine Davis likes spending time in the Big Brother pool. Pic credit: CBS

Jasmine Davis from Big Brother 24 injured herself on the second HOH Competition of the summer, and she has been hobbled by that injury ever since.

There are a lot of Big Brother fans who feel she has been exaggerating that injury, and even one houseguest who has become known for his facial expressions on the live feeds each time Jasmine talks about her ankle/foot ailment.

Matt Turner, who has been forced to partner with Jasmine as one of the duos on the Besties twist, doesn’t appear to believe that Jasmine is as injured as she wants people to believe. His expressions to the camera were even featured as part of the August 7 episode.

For a while, Jasmine was using a scooter to get around inside of the house, but the producers have taken that away and given her a cane to help her walk.

This week, Jasmine went into the backyard to enjoy some fun in the sun, entering the pool with her cane and continuing to lean on it as she was in the water.

Big Brother fans on social media were shocked at what was being shown on the live feeds, and quite a few people had a hard time believing that Jasmine really needed a cane in the pool.

Reactions from Big Brother fans to Jasmine Davis’ pool cane

“Jasmine in the pool with her cane i can’t i can’t #BB24[sic],” wrote one Big Brother fan with a GIF of a former houseguest spitting out some coffee.

“Jasmine with her cane in the pool HELP #bb24,” another fan wrote as the caption to a picture that showed Jasmine in the pool.

“Jasmine is doing too much. Cane in the pool? #BB24,” wrote another Big Brother live feed viewer.

Some Big Brother 24 spoilers

The good news for Jasmine Davis and her supporters is that she is going to make it to the BB24 jury. Jasmine is safe again in Week 5, and she will not be one of the nominees on the block for the August 11 Eviction Ceremony.

The Week 5 Veto Meeting took place on Monday, where the Power of Veto got used to save the trio of guys who were on the block. This meant that HOH Michael Bruner would need to come up with some replacement nominees.

As for the Veto Competition that Jasmine played in, it was OTEV for the BB24 cast, and we will see it during the August 10 episode. Several other houseguests got banged up as they were trying to win the Power of Veto.

To see Jasmine Davis enjoying the pool while using her cane, Big Brother live feed subscribers can go back to roughly 2 p.m. PT (house time) on August 8 to see what happened.

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1 year ago

I feel she should have been removed from the show in the beginning when she couldn’t participate in comps.. she is farming out this injury

Renee lucas
Renee lucas
1 year ago

It was up to jasmine if she wanted to stay or go home.Have anyone of you sprain your ankle.If so you would no not to put your weight on the cane it taking her weight off it.Everybody sitting at home has something to say.That why you all are sitting at home AN JASMINE DAVIS is on Big Brother now clap back on