Big Brother spoilers: Veto, OTEV, and other live feed updates

Joseph Abdin BB24
Joseph Abdin was on the Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother spoilers reveal who won the Power of Veto, that the BB24 cast met OTEV, and various other live feed updates that have taken place over the past few days.

A lot has happened in the Big Brother house following the eviction of Nicole Layog, including a shift in the tone of nearly everything. Yes, there are still people talking really badly about Taylor Hale behind her back, but she has finally found safety for a week.

Outside of the house, Nicole stated in a new interview that she did bully Taylor, with the former police officer seemingly taking responsibility for everything that viewers saw her do in the house this summer.

Inside of the game, the person who won Head of Household on Big Brother this week was Michael Bruner. He continues to rack up challenge victories in the house and he helped keep The Leftovers in power.

Meanwhile, Kyle Capener wants to blow up The Leftovers and he is worried that The Cookout 2.0 has formed. He also seems very keen on only being in alliances that include Alyssa Snider for the rest of the summer.

A lot of the houseguests seem to be very stressed about surviving this week, because doing so guarantees making it to at least the BB24 jury. That comes with a nice bump in their overall stipends this summer, so nobody wants to go home right away.

Big Brother live feed updates and spoilers

At the Nomination Ceremony, Michael put Monte Taylor, Terrance Higgins, and Joseph Abdin on the block. He used them as pawns to work toward backdooring Daniel Durston this week, and the trio knew that they were going to be nominated.

Who won the Power of Veto with OTEV?

The duo of Michael and Brittany Hoopes won the Power of Veto, showing that these two are a power duo on the BB24 cast. And this is the fourth Veto Competition that Michael has won this summer (already).

The BB24 cast got to meet OTEV this week, and some of them got pretty banged up in the challenge. Brittany hurt her knee, but she will get a few days to rest up for the August 11 HOH Competition.

Now, Michael and Brittany can target anyone they want and if he still wants to make sure that Daniel goes home next, Michael can put Daniel and Kyle on the block at the Veto Meeting. He could also shift his gaze to someone else holding some power.

On the upcoming house schedule for Big Brother 24, they will take part in a Veto Meeting on Monday (August 8) and then have another Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (August 11).

As a reminder, this will be the last person sent home before the BB24 jury starts forming.

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