Michael Bruner’s Big Brother exit interviews released

Michael Bruner is doing his exit interviews now, following his eviction from the Big Brother house. It was a dramatic ending to his run in the game, which began with him becoming the new Veto King of the reality competition show. Michael seemed almost unstoppable, so when the other houseguests finally had a chance to


Michael Bruner revealed his preferred Big Brother 24 boot order

Big Brother 24 cast member Michael Bruner has his sights on making it all the way to the end, and he has some plans in place to make sure that he gets to see the confetti drop on finale night. Recently, Michael took the time to speak to the cameras on the Big Brother live


Who has the most Power of Veto wins in Big Brother history?

Michael Bruner just won the Power of Veto for the fourth time on Big Brother 24, showing that he is a threat to go all the way to the end this summer. And winning four Veto Competitions in the first five weeks of a season is extremely remarkable, putting him on the road to becoming


Big Brother 24 cast: Who is Michael Bruner?

The Big Brother 24 cast has been revealed and one of the new houseguests is Michael Bruner. Can he become the Big Brother 2022 winner and take home the $750,000 prize this summer? The full BB24 cast list was released the day before the first episode, which added to the mystery that this upcoming season