Michael Bruner’s Big Brother exit interviews released

Michael Bruner On BB24
Sixth place is where Michael Bruner finished on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Michael Bruner is doing his exit interviews now, following his eviction from the Big Brother house.

It was a dramatic ending to his run in the game, which began with him becoming the new Veto King of the reality competition show.

Michael seemed almost unstoppable, so when the other houseguests finally had a chance to take him out, that’s exactly what they did.

Now, Michael becomes a member of the BB24 jury, where he will vote for the winner of Big Brother 24 on finale night.

There should also be some interesting episode segments coming up soon where Big Brother fans get to see the reactions of the other jury members when Michael walks in the front door.

But first, he has a lot of thoughts to share about how he played the game and what went wrong this summer.

Does Michael regret throwing Brittany under the bus?

“I love Brittany to death. I don’t regret it. I was on the block. I knew I was probably gonna go home and I would’ve regretted it forever if I did not try everything to stay in the house,” Michael told EW when asked if he regretted turning on Brittany when he was on the block.

“All of the information I shared there in the living room, people had been talking about it for the past couple of days. It wasn’t like I exposed any new information or things that people were unaware of. I was trying to save myself in the moment, and as a Big Brother super fan, I hope she also understands if she had tried to blow my game up to save herself, I would’ve understood,” Michael elaborated.

Michael speaks about pushback for Kyle Capener controversy

“Looking back at the situation, I completely understand why people were skeptical of my timing for revealing this information,” Michael stated when he was asked about his choice to reveal what Kyle had told him earlier in the season.

“In this game, no matter what information you’re bringing forward, people are going to look at it as if you’re using it as an opportunity to get ahead in the game. So I can’t fault anyone for being skeptical and asking questions and getting pushback,” Michael went on to tell Mike Bloom at Parade.

While Michael’s run on Big Brother has come to an end, he is now the all-time leader in most Veto Competition wins during a single season of the show (six). He also has a good resume that could lead to him being invited back in the futre.

Big Brother 24 spoilers

After the Double Eviction, a new HOH has taken over the Big Brother house. It has led to some interesting conversations already.

And here are the plans of the new HOH, as the remaining members of the BB24 cast try to work their way to finale night.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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1 year ago

What is the big deal about Kyle? So when people of color get together and say lets get all the others out of the house thats OK???? Isnt that racism? But let a white person do it and wham bam is a huge NO NO? WTH????