Big Brother 24’s Daniel Durston caught in lies about Taylor Hale during interview with Kat Dunn

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The Big Brother 2022 season featured Daniel Durston. Pic credit: CBS

Daniel Durston was evicted from Big Brother 24 and has begun doing his post-show interviews, leading him to answer some questions from BB21 cast member Kat Dunn.

During his time on the show, Daniel received a lot of flak for what many Big Brother fans saw as bullying and the ostracizing of Taylor. And his behavior toward Taylor became the part of several segments on the show itself.

Now that he is out of the game, Daniel is backpedaling on a lot of the things that he said, and he is claiming that the producers are giving him a “villain edit” while giving Taylor the “hero edit” this summer.

When Kat asked Daniel about that, he claimed that Taylor called Jasmine Davis “fat” in the house, but that was something that never happened. It was one of several comments that Kat asked Daniel about that he blamed on other people.

Kat was very quick to call him out on that, leading to Daniel trying to shift the blame to someone else each time that she proved what he was saying was false.

Later, Kat brought up how on the live feeds Daniel had said that Taylor is not a good person. Daniel doubled down on that comment during the interview.

Kat Dunn’s full interview with Daniel Durston

“Why don’t you think that she was a good person,” Kat asked Daniel after he tried to drag Taylor again.

“Because of the way that she treated people in the house,” Daniel uttered before making more excuses about what other people had said to him.

Daniel then said that she had “negative energies” and “petty comments” that added up to his opinion of her, as well as “catty remarks” he claimed she was making.

Below is the full interview that Kat had with Daniel, where she asks a lot of the questions Big Brother fans had and Daniel tries to claim that it was the editing that made him look bad.

Be aware that Daniel reveals who won the Endurance Challenge so there are some spoilers within the video.

More from Big Brother 24

After Daniel got sent home, the houseguests went to the backyard to compete in a huge Endurance Challenge.

The winner of The Wall competition was Taylor Hale. She is the new Head of Household and she gets to decide who winds up on the block in Week 6.

Some spoilers about Taylor’s plans have come out on the live feeds already, setting a tone for what is going to take place next in the game.

Fans who are curious about what Daniel said on the live feeds can go on Paramount+ and use the flashback feature to check out the week that he was in charge of the game. That was where he began talking badly about Taylor.

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1 year ago

He just looks so bad right now. He might want to rethink his post game strategy.

1 year ago


1 year ago

From the first day, there were two queens in the house fighting for poser, Paloma and Daniel. Both acted like bullies and actually lied. Paloma left before her lies caught up to her, but Daniel is just getting caught in his now. Not a good look for either of them post game.

1 year ago

Glad he’s gone along with his ride-or-die bully partner Nicole!